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Our very own Wade Harman interviewed Connor this past week for an article on Jay Baer’s popular Convince & Convert blog.

Connor talked with Wade about the need for caution when hiring new people to help your business convert when it starts to grow. There are a lot of paths that a business owner can take, and each choice comes with its own outcome. The hiring decisions you make can greatly affect how well your business can convert, so adding experienced and responsible freelancers is a must. The question is how to make sure you are getting only the best – and how to master the process so that you are not stuck in a vicious cycle that eats up all the time and energy that you should be spending on growing your business.

Four basic principles form the foundation of a good hire:

  • The Problem-Solver – identifies issues and brainstorms solutions before bringing the problem to your attention.
  • The Workaholic – always ready and available, works towards achieving your business goals
  • The Communicator – collaborative people who consistently share great input
  • The Competitive-Minded – focused on collective improvement for the betterment of your business

These characteristics are what make a great freelancer who will give you and your business the support it needs to convert at a high level. These characteristics are what you should focus on when searching for new hires.

Click here to read the full article on Find out why these characteristics are important and how to identify them in potential freelancers so you can spot the best hire in the shortest time possible and get straight to the task of executing tasks to getting your business to convert better.

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