Remote Hiring Key to Success

Our CEO Nathan Hirsch was just on the Discover Your Talent Podcast yesterday, talking about his remote hiring key to success

Nathan talks about how he and his business partner, Connor, left their growing business in college for just a weekend to take a needed vacation from cracking the books really hard and processing a ton of orders on their online store. On the first day, they faced two major issues – a vendor drop-out and a financially crippling identity theft. Nathan explains how he pushed on to overcome these and the other challenges that he faced while building Portlight out of his dorm room. And how he discovered the remote hiring key to success.

Nathan focused everything that he had on building the best business that he could, and this has helped him to become a remote hiring and e-commerce expert. Nathan and Connor have applied all that they have learned about the two areas to build FreeeUp, their online hiring platform that makes smart hiring easy. As a serial entrepreneur, Nathan has developed and continually improves systems and processes, sales strategies, and business management as part of his remote hiring key to success. He uses this collective experience to make FreeeUp the highly efficient source of freelancers that it is.

The FreeeUp Remote Hiring Key to Success

FreeeUp is the system that Nathan wishes was available to him when he was hiring his first remote workers. Like many other eCommerce entrepreneurs, he was hiring and firing at a rapid rate. The cycle was exhausting his time and leaving him without strength for important business operations. He needed a system for finding good workers. He needed to know where to go and how to interview them to ensure that he had identified the best available candidates. He needed to know how to manage them and their roles so he would not have to let them go after a week.

He formed FreeeUp with partner Connor to address these needs – needs that he knew that all eCommerce business owners faced – and to help others avoid going through the same hiring woes.
In this episode, Nathan shares the remote hiring key to success that he learned along the way. One of these lessons is the importance of diversification, which he learned after that fateful weekend when he lost his one and only vendor.

Learn more about Nathan’s journey of discovery and the secrets of prioritizing, commitment, calculating risks, problem-solving, and asking questions. Click here to listen to the full episode on It is also available on iTunes and Stitcher


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