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A guest article about FreeeUp and working from home just published on the Teleploy blog.

Teleploy is a team of freelancing advocates that promotes working from home. They work to make freelancing easy, efficient and economical. This goes for businesses as well as workers. An increasing number of businesses are looking for ways to scale down without sacrificing quality. Many professionals seek the freedom of remote work without sacrificing security.
There are a lot of companies opening up avenues for working from home. Remote work is the future, telecommuting is on the rise, and the US workforce is steadily transitioning over from office-based to home-based or a nomadic work life. Teleploy wants to help this trend along to see more happy digital nomads. Teleploy has recently partnered with FreeeUp based on the mutual goal of making the remote career better for all who can and do reap the benefits of working from home.

What is FreeeUp?

Teleploy shares the unique system that is FreeeUp, the hands-on, fast-hire solution to hiring remote workers online. Teleploy shares the FreeeUp passion for solving the problems of online hiring to help millions of people working from home and the online businesses they serve to be more productive and fulfilled.

The FreeeUp – TelePloy partnership

The FreeeUp co-founders built this network of workers up from a few referrals and applications. They spread the word about their new system through various means, including the popular online job boards like Teleploy. Freelancers go to such boards and they meet FreeeUp. Once a freelancer makes it through the strict vetting process, they come to know how freeing working from home can truly be.

Remote work doesn’t have to be a hassle. Stay-at-home parents, ex-corporates, students with tight schedules – they can all experience the freedom of working from home with a platform that takes care of all the difficult parts and leaves them with their time and energy intact to focus on working to help their clients build their businesses.

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