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Why Hire With FreeUp Enterprise?

Endorsed By Enterprise Leaders

FreeUp works with over 5,000 companies helping to assist in their hiring efforts. Enterprise leaders are using the FreeUp Enterprise program and endorsing it to their colleagues for its professionalism and simplicity.

Access To The Top 1% Of The Top 1%

FreeUp interviews hundreds of freelancers every week for skills, attitude, and communication then only allows the top 1% of applicants into the network. As an enterprise, you gain access to the top 1% of the top 1% allowed into the network that have been using FreeUp for over 6 months.

A Dedicated Project Manager

Every enterprise client receives their own Enterprise Success Assistant to help in creating freelancer requests, interviewing, and hiring through the FreeUp Marketplace.

Top Rated Agencies

Looking for a reliable agency to partner with your enterprise? FreeUp Enterprise gives you full access to all agencies available for all skill sets.

Top, pre-vetted freelance talent from all over the world is ready to join your enterprise in the areas you need most.

How FreeUp Enterprise Works

You can meet and hire qualified and pre-vetted freelancers and agencies within 1 day with FreeUp Enterprise.

1. Create An Account

Set up a free consultation or sign up to join FreeUp Enterprise for free. We'll reach out to introduce you to your personal Enterprise Success Assistant.

2. Request Freelancers

Work with your Enterprise Success Assistant to submit requests for the freelancers or agencies you need. We'll introduce you to a match within 1 business day.

3. Hire A Freelancer

Interview the freelancers or agencies for 15-20 minutes explaining your needs. Hire the best remote specialist for your enterprise initiatives.

4. Track Hours and Billing

Easily handle all hours tracking and billing directly through your FreeUp account with the help of your Enterprise Success Assistant.

Enterprise Skills For Hire

Find a pre-vetted remote freelancer or agency for any initiative within your enterprise.


Bring in an eCommerce veteran to start, run, or scale your current eCommerce efforts.


Tap into the rapidly growing Amazon Marketplace to increase your enterprise sales.

Customer Service

Outsource customer service operations to save time and money for your enterprise.

Web Development & Design

Find top web development and design talent that understands the importance of communication and can elevate your enterprise brand.

Digital Marketing

Need a CMO for your enterprise? Find industry leaders ready to hack growth for your enterprise.

Social Media

Find an industry experienced social media manager to head up your entire social strategy or specialists for the different channels your enterprise is on.

Blog Writing

Put together a group of high level content creators to develop unique content for your enterprise blog.

Facebook & Google Ads

Hire an advertising agency or professional to oversee all of your enterprise digital advertising channels.

Video and Photography

Put together a group of freelancers to handle all video and photography needs that your enterprise has.

Graphic Design

Tap into a pool of talented graphic designers to assist in your enterprise advertising and marketing efforts.


Hire a reputable bookkeeper to assist your accountant in maintaining the financials of your enterprise.


Find experienced sales managers that can complement your in-house team in your sales efforts.

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