FreeeUp Brand or MAP Protection Service

Do you know every business that is representing your product online? FreeeUp provides a Brand Protection service that identifies unauthorized sellers on the online for your products. The service is focused on tracking down all sellers of your products, determining which are unauthorized based off of your records, and removing them from selling your product.

Why Protect your Brand Online?

One of the biggest potential threats to brand owners face is the proliferation of unauthorized third sellers online because it leads to misrepresentation of their products. With the rapid growth of different Marketplace, it has become evermore easier for sellers to sell brand products without having the written approval from the brand. When this happens, it leads to pricing below MAP and infringement upon copyrights and trademarks.

Not being able to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers can tarnish your brand image and lead to a reduction of sales. In the worse case, there are unauthorized sellers that are receiving your products from counterfeit manufacturers and selling them to loyal customers who then receive a poor perception of your brand.

What FreeeUp Offers

FreeeUp provides workers who are pretrained to gather information of sellers, contact sellers, record information and present it to the client.  We also offer consulting based on past experience and templates that a professional writer will custom write for you.

What FreeeUp Does not Offer

Legal advice.  We are not a law firm.  We are simply providing a template that we wrote and/or provide a data entry worker to perform a task for you at your instruction.  We do not verify that you have the right to your brand or that you are allowed to contact other sellers.  Please contact a lawyer before using this service and make sure you have the right to protect your brand, pricing, contracts etc.  Our templates are not written by a lawyer.

How it Works

FreeeUp Set Up

  Pricing Select All That Apply

  • Consulting ($75 Per hour)
    • Nathan consults with the client (Optional)
      • We work with you to create a plan of action to remove all unauthorized sellers from the marketplaces of your choice.
      • We create a strike policy with you for the sellers, discuss how you want to receive reports, and decide on how often you want us looking for violators.
  • Three Templates (One Time Charge $99)
    • FreeeUp will provide you with a custom template that you can send to sellers at your discretion.
      • Our template will have three emails, each one more agressive than the last one
    • You agree to not share, sell or give away this template to others
  • Workers
    • $5.00 to $7.00 per hour
      • Workers will give hourly estimates after reviewing the work
    • Clients have the ability to choose how frequently they want the worker to review the chosen marketplaces for Brand and MAP violations.
      • Clients have the choice of weekly, every two weeks, monthly, every other month, quarterly, twice per year, or once per year.


  • See FreeeUp client agreement
  • Template Payment is due upfront

FreeeUp Policies

  • We follow all Amazon, Ebay, Upwork and all Marketplace policies. FreeeUp is acting on behalf of the client and will contact marketplace sellers as the direction of the client. The client must give approval before anything is emailed to the sellers.  You are using our templates, workers and advice at your own risk and you agree to idemify FreeeUp in all situations that arise (See client agreement).
  • Clients agrees that they are sole owner of the brand’s intellectual property that FreeeUp is contacting unauthorized sellers about or have written permission from the rights holder. Clients must have the right to remove unauthorized sellers from selling their products. FreeeUp is moving forward based on this assumption.
  • Clients have the option to pursue legal action on their own against sellers who do not respond to notifications. FreeeUp does not provide lawyers, legal advice or course of action.
  • Clients can report sellers to Amazon directly using this link: FreeeUp will not do this for you.

I agree to follow all FreeeUp policies and understand that you are responsible for the results of this service. 


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