FreeeUp Ecommerce Fixed Price Contract


If you’re visiting this page because you want to engage FreeeUp in a fixed price project.  For all fixed price projects FreeeUp charges half upfront (non refundable) and half if the project is successful.  Due to the inconsistent nature of Ecommerce past success does not guarantee future outcomes.  FreeeUp is not in the business of tricking its clients so we want you to be 100% on the same page when it comes to this agreement.


Why Trust Us with your Ecommerce Business

1) 7+ years of Ecommerce experience

2) A network of over 200 Ecommerce professionals

3) A past track record of success



  (Client) agreed to engage FreeeUp in a fixed contract for the service of (Service name).  The cost will be ($) upfront.  This upfront money is non refundable regardless of the outcome and the client understands this is for time spent, not results.  The client also agrees to ($) upon successful completion of this project.  The client agrees to pay FreeeUp within 48 business hours of completion.

Client understands that any workers provided by FreeeUp are not on call and that Freeeup (and its workers) are not responsible for buyer’s remorse, changes/ effects to the client’s business or new discoveries found after the client signs up.  There is not estimated time frame for this work as Ecommerce is inconsistent. 


How We Work

1) FreeeUp worker or partner meets with client

2) Review information provided and request any additional information needed

3) Create an outline on the plan

4) Work on execution of the plan WITH the client

5) Worker/ partner will update client with changes frequently


FreeeUp Policies

1) FreeeUp and client agrees to follow all of legal, Ecommerce and marketplace policies while writing the appeal letter and expect our clients to do the same.

2) Clients must stay in contact with FreeeUp throughout the process.  If the client becomes unresponsive FreeeUp will pause work.

5) To the best of their ability, clients must send FreeeUp only accurate information about their business.



FreeeUp follows all Upwork payment and other applicable policies if you found us and began the appeal process through Upwork.


Additional Fees

All clients are responsible for covering transaction, currency, Upwork, and other fees. FreeeUp prices are given after fees.


Client Agreement

I agree with everything in the above agreement and will follow all FreeeUp and all marketplace policies. I understand that FreeeUp is not responsible for anything that happens to my accounts or business. I agree to indemnify FreeeUp in all situations regarding this service. I understand that all advice given to me by FreeeUp or their workers is taken or ignored at my own risk.




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