Add a Retainer Using PayPal Checkout

Before clicking the Pay Now button, please read the information below.

Please note this payment option is only for Non-US clients.

$500 Minimum Initial Retainer

IF this is your first time adding a retainer, you MUST submit an initial retainer payment for $500 minimum.

For Active FreeUp Clients

If you have already submitted your min. $500 retainer, you can add money to your retainer in any amount that you desire.

Questions About Retainers

All retainers are 100% refundable. If you have any questions about your retainer, please contact [email protected]

Other Important Retainer Information

Retainer Privileges

The retainer option is only for clients that are committed to keeping a positive retainer balance at all times. Our recommendation is a retainer of 1 month of work. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure their retainer is always in the positive and never runs out. Should your retainer run out, we will no longer offer this option to you. If you cannot make this commitment, we ask that you please use the credit card or ACH option instead.

Backup Credit Card

We encourage you to add a backup credit card to your account so we don’t have to pause work if your retainer runs out. To add a backup credit card, log into your FreeUp account and click the Payments tab on the top menu. Please use the email address associated with your FreeUp account.

If we charge your backup credit card and you would rather pay via PayPal, let us know and we will refund your credit card.

Save with PayPal Mass Payment

To save money on PayPal fees, we recommend signing up for PayPal’s mass payment option. Use the following link to set up an account:

Retainer Reminders

All retainers are refundable for any money you don’t use while hiring on the FreeUp platform.

Per our client agreement, you are responsible for all PayPal & conversion fees associated with sending your retainer.

The FreeUp PayPal account email is [email protected]

Rather use ACH or a credit card?