FreeeUp PPC Contract

  (Client) agreed to hire FreeeUp and its contractors to manage their Amazon account Pay Per Click Campaigns.


Payment Terms:



  • Client agrees to a minimum of three months starting at the time of the signature of this agreement.
  • This will be an ongoing project until one party terminates.  Either party may terminate this agreement by giving 30 day written notice. Seller agrees to continue paying for a period of 30 days after termination of agreement.


How Revenue is determined:

Revenue = Product Sales includes the following lines of a Monthly Summary Payments Date Range Report

Product sales (non-FBA)

FBA product sales


*Promotional Rebates are limited to rebates given specifically for product reviews or sales promotion discounts. Promotional rebates will not count towards revenue.


Client is responsible for all Amazon fees including advertising (PPC).  The client agrees to a targeted PPC budget of 5-10% of sales per month.



  • Client will submit payment on or before the 1st of every month.  Work will pause until payment is made.
  • Initial retainer of a full month’s payment is needed before project is started



Revenue for the Previous Month                     Fix Price

                            0-10k                                           $500  

                           10-20k                                         $1000  

                          20-30k                                         $1500   

                          30-40k                                         $2000  

                         40-50k                                          $2500  

                          60k +                                           Ask for pricing    

Other agreed upon amount   





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