FreeeUp Suspension Appeal Service


If you’re visiting this page because you have recently been temporarily suspended from selling on the Amazon Marketplace, we’re extremely sorry to hear that news. Luckily, we can help!


Why Trust Us with your Amazon Appeal

1) 6+ years of Amazon Marketplace experience

2) 95% success rate for past clients’ appeals

3) Available resources on other sellers we have gotten unsuspended

4) Professional writing experience

5) A keen understanding of the Amazon appeal process


How You Get Started

1) Contact expressing your interest in FreeeUp’s appeal services

2) 1 hour conversation to review your suspension (optional)

○ During this time, we’ll ask key questions in order to fully understand why your seller account was suspended. The notes that we take from our conversation will be provided for the professional writing your appeal so it is important you give as much detail as possible.

3) Collect important account information

○ Once the deposit has been paid, we will ask for additional information and screenshots of your Amazon account (as can be seen below.)

○ You can hire one of FreeeUp’s workers to complete this task for only $25.00 or you can compile the information on your own.

4) Give us the time to write your appeal

○ On average, our team takes 3 business days to complete appeals.



● 1 hour consultation - $50.00 (optional)

● Appeal letter

○ $300.00 deposit (nonrefundable)

■ due before appeal work begins.

○ $300.00 if account is unsuspended

■ due within 48 hours if unsuspended

● Expedited delivery

○ Additional $199.99 within 24 hours

○ Additional $99.99 within 48 hours

● FreeeUp Workers

○ once you are unsuspended, FreeeUp can connect you with experienced and reliable workers for your Amazon store. Rates vary dependent upon the skill that you need!


Required Information

The following is the information that FreeeUp needs in order to successfully write your appeal. If you choose to compile this on your own, all information should be sent to

1) Business Information

● Seller name

● Store ID

● Date that you were suspended

● Number of years in business

● Where you get your products from

● Average revenue per month

● Total inventory listed on Amazon

● Thoughts on why you were suspended.

● Any additional information FreeeUp should know about your business that will help us write the appeal.

2) Amazon Specific Information

● The full suspension letter that you were sent from Amazon

● All policy violations that you received in the past year

● A screenshot of your customer feedback, Amazon metrics, seller central main page, and inventory

● A report of all your neutral and negative feedback from the past 90 days. Note that this can be downloaded in your Amazon Seller account.

● A report of all A to Z claims that you have received in the past 90 days. Again, note that this can be downloaded in your Amazon Seller account.

● All receipts, invoices, and supplier contact information if it pertains to your suspension if Amazon has asked for such items.


How We Work

1) Meet with client

2) Review information provided and request any additional information needed

3) Create an outline on the plan of action

4) Write the plan of action

a) Plan of actions vary between 2 and 10 pages depending on the seller’s situation

5) Email you the plan of action with instructions on how to submit it to Amazon

6) Client submits information to Amazon

7) Meet with client after reinstatement


FreeeUp Policies on Suspended Accounts

1) If Amazon comes back saying that additional information is needed, FreeeUp will re-write and/or add to the appeal letter at no charge until they either accept or reject the appeal letter.

2) FreeeUp follows all of Amazon’s policies while writing the appeal letter and expect our clients to do the same.

3) FreeeUp clients must fill all outstanding customer orders and respond to all customer emails within 24 hours while their account is suspended. Failure to do so will hurt your chances of being reinstated.

4) Clients must stay in contact with FreeeUp while we write the appeal in case we need additional information. Failure to be available may results in delays while writing your appeal.

5) To the best of their ability, clients must send Amazon the appeal within 14 days of being suspended. While appeals sent in after 14 days can still work, the likelihood that they are accepted becomes smaller.



FreeeUp follows all Upwork payment and other applicable policies if you found us and began the appeal process through Upwork.


Additional Fees

All clients are responsible for covering transaction, currency, Upwork, and other fees. FreeeUp prices are given after fees.


Client Agreement

I agree with everything in the above agreement and will follow all FreeeUp and Amazon policies. I understand that FreeeUp is not responsible for anything that happens to my Amazon account and that they will write this appeal to the best of their abilities. I agree to indemnify FreeeUp in all situations regarding this appeal letter. I understand that all advice given to me by FreeeUp or their workers is taken or ignored at my own risk.



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