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What Can A Freelance Article Writer Do For You?

  • Strong Research Skills

    Finds trustworthy and interesting information from reliable sources online.

  • A Solid Understanding of SEO

    Good knowledge on how to craft SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, use keywords effectively and keeps up with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

  • Time Management

    Work smarter not harder to get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high.

  • Communication

    Ability to listen, speak, observe and empathize.

  • Deliver Quality

    Creates quality unique content every time.

  • Goal Oriented

    Focuses on tasks and the end results of those tasks.

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2. Submit a Request

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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What Is A Freelance Article Writer?

A freelance article writer is a professional writer working as an independent contractor. As opposed to working as a full-time staff writer, they typically work for more than one client and are paid per writing assignment, per project, or on an hourly basis.

As independent contractors, freelancers typically work from a home office, but they may also work from libraries, coffee shops, or other spaces. Because their clients vary, freelance writers work for a variety of supervisors, most often for editors. They typically work alone, but may occasionally coordinate with photographers, art or graphic designers, and fellow writers, among others.

They offer their services to different clients across various industries, often writing about a wide range of topics. They can offer their services to:

  • Publications like magazines, newspapers, or trade magazines
  • Content agencies that offer writing services to other businesses or organizations
  • Educational establishments that offer educational courses or e-learning materials like whitepapers, eBooks, or webinars
  • Authors looking for ghostwriters for their books
  • Blog owners who need an extra pair of hands to write their content
  • E-commerce brands who need help with product descriptions, social media copy, landing pages, press releases, sales pages or updating their web content

These days, freelance writers play a crucial role in digital marketing. Many companies rely on them to tell a compelling story about their brand and to push out meaningful, engaging, and educational messages, you inspire readers to become hot leads and then to paying customers. This can include content types like search engine and social media ads, slogans and taglines, website landing and product pages, email marketing campaigns, and more.

Many freelance writers also offer adjacent services like editing and proofreading, social media marketing, and blog management.

Why Is It Important to Have a Content Writer?

Every business benefits from having great content. Regardless of your industry, you’ll always need words to sell your products or services. You’re going to need well-written content for your website, social media posts, your ads, your newsletters, and everything else in between.

However, not all business owners have the time or the skills to research, write, edit, and publish content consistently. So finding the right freelance writer for hire can be your best bet to improve your content strategy. Here’s why it’s important to have a content writer for any business:

  • You can save money. Freelance writers can handle specific projects for you so you’ll only need to pay for the services they’ve rendered. You don’t have to worry about government-mandated benefits, insurance, and other costs.
  • They can improve your content. A freelance content creator has the expertise to not only write but also edit your content before publishing. They can make sure that your copy is free from grammatical and typographical errors, is engaging, and is optimized for search engines.
  • You can publish content consistently. Apart from creating content, freelance writers can also help you with content planning and management. They can help you produce content and publish them on your blog, social media pages, or send them to your clients’ emails in a timely manner. 
  • You can have a wide variety of content. When you hire a freelance writer with extensive experience, they can help you produce a wide variety of content for your business. This can include both long-form and short-form pieces that suit your brand’s needs.

What Skills Does A Freelance Article Writer Have? Infographic of Article Writer Skills


A competitive freelance writer knows how to execute various writing styles with finesse. They are adaptable and can write almost anything from short tweets to landing page content to blogs to white papers. 

Research Skills

Good research adds credibility and value to any type of content. Freelance writers should know how and where to find trustworthy and interesting information to include in their work. Furthermore, knowing how to research about topics well allows them to take on projects in different industries and niches.

Solid Grasp of SEO

Content writers are always at the mercy of the latest Google algorithm. So, they need to stay on top of new SEO trends, know how to craft SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, and use keywords effectively.

Time Management and Organization

 Freelancer content writers take on more than a couple of clients at any given time. Therefore, you need to be able to stay on top of their deadlines, prioritize projects, and get them done promptly.


Good communication is the key to keeping clients happy. Regularly communicating with clients leads to successful projects because it allows both parties to ask and answer questions. This allows the writer to work more efficiently and the client to always get their expected output.


Editing is an essential part of the writing process. Writers often spend more time refining their content than writing it. Editing allows them to watch out for grammar and spelling errors, punctuations, redundancies, and flow issues leading to a clean copy and a satisfied client. 

What Are the Different Types of Content a Writer Can Create?

Content writers can produce many different types of content that suit their clients’ needs. Here are some examples:

Blog Articles

Content creators can write high-value content for your blog. This can help position your brand as a thought leader in the industry, capture the attention of potential customers, engage your clients, and increase sales.

Branded Content

Designed to build awareness for a brand by associating it with content that shares its values, this type of content helps build brand awareness and improve customer engagement.

Case Studies

Customer stories can be transformed into a case study that you can share with your community and serve as a testament to the kind of value your brand offers.

Product Content

E-commerce business owners can benefit from captivating ad copies about their product as well as from well-crafted product descriptions on sales pages.

White Papers

 This type of content is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. It positions your products or services as a viable solution to customer pain points so they’ll choose you over the competitor.

Social Media and Advertising Copy

Keeping your followers on social media engagement and stimulating your audience to take the next step relies heavily on well-crafted content. When you have good social media and advertising copy, you can position yourself as a go-to destination for your customers, whether it be for entertainment, education, or inspiration.


This long-form content helps establish your authority in your niche. You can attract informed potential customers while also educating prospects about your products or services.

Marketing Emails

Weekly email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your mailing list. A content creator can help you write and send these in a timely manner.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

Freelance writer rates can vary greatly depending on a writer’s experience, the type of content they need to write, the length of the content, how much time can be allotted for the project, their location, and expertise.

At FreeUp, freelance article writers can get paid between $10 and $30 per hour for writing and/or editing blog posts and website content, Amazon listings, business communications, and other documents.

Meanwhile, expert-level content writers who can formulate content strategies for businesses and/or manage blogs, social media, and email marketing campaign planning can earn anywhere between $30 and $75 per hour. They tend to have a working process that they’ve developed over time allowing them to finish deliverables on time.

When looking to hire a freelance article writer, you need to set a budget that’s reasonable for you and the freelancer. It also helps to leave some room for negotiation to attract the best possible writer. Think about how you’re going to pay them—per assignment, per word, or based on a length of time. If you can, pay them at a rate that’s above the industry average to attract skilled writers.

It goes without saying that higher-level writers will no-doubt command higher fees because they can work faster, they have a specialized area of expertise, and they can deliver high-quality output that requires little to no editing on the client’s end. 

However, you can still find skilled writers who understand your specific industry and the type of content your business needs for a very competitive price.

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Where Can Writers be located?

  • Philippines
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia

Benefits of Hiring a  Freelance Article Writer on FreeUp

At FreeUp, you can meet and hire a freelance writer that has been pre-vetted not only for skills and experience but also for communication. 

Every week, our team screens applicants and lets only the top 1% into the platform so you can be sure that the next freelance SEO content writer your hire is only the best of the best. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a writer on FreeUp:

  • Access to Diverse Knowledge and Experience. The writers at FreeUp have worked and continue to work with a wide range of clients across an extensive range of industries. Ultimately, this means they can write rich and dynamic content that is enjoyable to ready and will help you reach your goals.
  • You Get Your Money’s Worth. Part of the vetting process at FreeUp is checking for work ethic so when you hire a writer at FreeUp, you can be sure that you’ll meet someone who gives you a return on your investment by turning in high-quality content on time, every time. For freelance writers, their working relationship with you is their top priority so it’s not so rare to see them going above and beyond.
  • You Can Grow Your Business. When you hire a freelance article writer on FreeUp, you not only get more than just a few lines and paragraphs written but also a chance to grow your business. Writers can help you create high quality content that conveys the right information and converts leads. What’s more, you can have more time on your hands and focus on your core competencies leading to more opportunities for growth for your brand.

Different Types of Freelance Article Writers:

  • SEO
  • Blog Content
  • Conversion
  • Email + Autoresponders
  • Technical Writer
  • Speech Writer
  • Proposal Writer
  • Online Writer
  • Biography Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Book Writer
  • Wikipedia Writer
  • Press Release Writer
  • Business Writer

Hourly vs. Fixed Rate Writers

When hiring a  freelance article writer on Freeup, you typically have to payment options: paying hourly or paying a fixed rate.

Hourly rate writers are paid weekly at a rate that’s within a client’s budget. This ensures that freelancers are paid for all the time they spent working while clients only need to pay for hours worked.

It is generally better suited for people who are just joining the platform or to freelancing in general since it is a low-barrier way to get started. It’s also great for brand new clients who are still testing the waters.

FreeUp’s dashboard makes it easier to track hours worked and bill clients correctly.

On the other hand, fixed-rate writers are paid on a per-project basis. It is often used by seasoned freelance writers with an established client base. Since they have a more extensive portfolio, clients may be more willing to go this route, especially for one-off projects.

For this payment option, clients and freelancers agree on a set fixed price before the project begins. The freelancer then submits a Fixed Price Proposal to you through their account which you can review and accept. The fixed price amount are billed on the next billing period.

On FreeUp, freelancers have the option to ask clients for half of the total cost of the project before starting. You can pay the rest at the end of the project or after certain milestones.

Regardless of the payment option, FreeUp’s Accounting and Support Team can help both clients and freelancers should they encounter any issues while using the system. 

For more information on freelancer rates, check out our pricing guide.


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