About The FreeUp Marketplace

What We Do

FreeUp is the #1 solution to finding & hiring pre-vetted freelancers online.

We recruit and interview hundreds of freelancers every week, only allowing the top 1% into the network.

Business owners need to hire reliable remote freelancers can submit a simple request and be connected to pre-vetted talent, usually in 24 hours.

We solve the hiring problem so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Our Inspiration

After interviewing and hiring hundreds of remote freelancers ourselves, we saw the power of online freelancers and the impact that they could make on the growth of a business.

We experienced the frustration of making bad hires, freelancers disappearing, and long interview processes.

We built FreeUp to make hiring remote freelancers easy and enjoyable for other online business owners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the problem of online hiring for the millions of freelancers and online businesses that exist around the world.

For our ambitious freelancers, we’re making their job of finding reliable and long-term work easier.

For our clients, we are providing them a fast and dependable remote hiring experience.

Bringing these two groups together is at the forefront of our mission.

What We Care About

The Clients

We want each and every client to feel like they are a VIP member. We care about the success of clients hiring with FreeUp and treat their business as if it were our own.

The Freelancers

We care about the future of the freelancers on the marketplace. We listen and make sure that they are being put into the best position where they can succeed.

Our Partners

We value our partner relationships and always look for growth opportunities together.


We care about giving every client a high-quality and consistent experience. Each freelancer should add true value to the client’s business.

The Long Run

We’re in it with our clients for the long run. We want to help our clients grow their businesses through building our relationship and staying hands on.


At our core, we connect freelancers and clients. Our customer service is what helps us stand apart from the rest.

The History

2015: Frustration With Other Hiring Marketplaces

Original founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan scaled their first eCommerce business, selling over $25 million online, but continued to run into issues when bringing on team members.

The top hiring marketplaces weren’t cutting it, and didn’t provide an optimized experience.

The world needed a new way – A marketplace where the freelancers were pre-vetted so clients could find the right candidates quickly.

2015: FreeUp Launches

FreeUp launched to the public with the goal of creating a better marketplace for business owners.

FreeUp set itself apart by:

  1. Pre-vetting all freelancers and only allow the top 1% into the network
  2. Make the matching process between the client and freelancer FAST
  3. Focusing on client success and excellent support

2016: Conquering the Amazon Landscape

With an expertise in selling on Amazon.com, FreeUp spent the first year gaining popularity within the Amazon seller community.

By recruiting top Amazon freelancers from all over the world, FreeUp was able to connect top freelancers with hundreds of Amazon sellers to help to grow their businesses.

In FreeUp’s established itself as the TOP marketplace for hiring Amazon freelancers online. The company continues to uphold that reputation within the Amazon seller community.

2016: Expanding Into Ecommerce

After seeing rapid growth within the Amazon seller community, FreeUp expanded the services to all eCommerce.

In mid 2016, FreeUp started adding eCommerce experts and freelancers to the marketplace further catering to all eCommerce companies selling anywhere online (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Walmart, Jet, Rakuten, eBay, etc.)

2017: Adding Digital Marketers and Web Developers

FreeUp started adding digital marketers and web developers/designers to the marketplace out of demand from clients.

2017 brought rapid growth for the marketplace, gaining over 5000+ clients.

2018: Expanding The Marketplace

As FreeUp grew, clients wanted more, and FreeUp created a goal to become a household name for businesses and entrepreneurs offering a BETTER solution to hiring freelancers online.

Today, the FreeUp Marketplace offers over 250+ different skill sets across a variety of disciplines for $5 to $75+ per hour. Businesses from any industry can utilize FreeUp for skill sets that they need to hire.

2019: Leveling Up Again

With lots of momentum, FreeUp started 2019 by improving the FreeUp software experience and expanding into the digital marketing industry.

The FreeUp team launched fixed pricing on the marketplace, released a new software redesign, partnered with high level digital marketers, and continued to hire internally to strengthen the growth and operations of the platform.

2019: Acquired by The HOTH

After an exciting year of growth and expansion, FreeUp was acquired by The HOTH, a growth marketing company that has been in the freelancer space for over 10+ years.

The operational & strategic resources that The HOTH brings to the table allows FreeUp to fulfill the mission of becoming the best resource in the world for freelance talent for all clients, freelancers, and partners involved.

The future is bright for FreeUp, and we look forward to serving you.

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