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The FreeUp Experience is a weekly podcast featuring exclusive advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Podcast Episodes

OAS Jim | Making Mistakes
  There is an almost preternatural obsession among people, especially among entrepreneurs, with getting every single little thing they do “right,” no matter what being “right” costs them down the line. In the long term, making mistakes is a natural and healthy part of any successful journey, especially when your business is growing and you need to begin to outsource. Jim Bunch is known for being an impact investor and advisor who is on a
OAS Ellegde | Determination To Succeed
  The determination to succeed, the grit, is key in actually embarking on your own personal journey towards success. One who lacks grit and determination is one that’s doomed to get stuck where they are, with no opportunities to experience true growth. Nathan Hirsch is joined by the Founder and CEO of, Josh Elledge. Josh talks about why determination is such an integral part of attaining even the slightest measure of success. Let Josh
OAS Gary | Creating A Team
  No business is able to truly grow and expand with only one person keeping the ship running because there’s just too much to do for only one person to handle. If you really want your business to thrive in expansion, creating a team is absolutely essential—and as a business owner, this is what you have to be on top of, down to the tiniest detail. Gary Coxe is a business and life strategist, as
OAS White | Family-Oriented Business
  A successful business is a product of a close-knit team behind it who trusts one another. This is one of the key components that made guest, Ryan White, who he is now—a seven-figure digital entrepreneur, investor, influencer, press contributor, and speaker. In this episode, Ryan takes us across his entrepreneurial journey, particularly of starting his globally-recognized social media marketing company, Social Revelation. He shares his hiring process that is greatly rooted in being a family-oriented business
OAS Anton | Drop Shipping
    If you know anything about drop shipping, it’s that it is a broad term and involves a complicated process. On today’s show, Nathan Hirsch interviews Anton Kraly, the Founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, to answer some of the most crucial questions and debunk some myths about drop shipping. Being a serial entrepreneur for more than a decade and finding success building and selling multiple seven-figure businesses, Anton is still strong in the entrepreneurial
OAS Curt | Black Box Social Media
  Facebook is without doubt a powerful marketing platform, and using it smartly for your business can generate promising results. In this episode, Nathan Hirsch interviews Curt Maly, the owner of the digital marketing agency, Black Box Social Media, and is one of the world’s most sought-after experts on Facebook, social media marketing, and paid traffic strategies that dramatically increase short term and long-term revenue. Walking us through his journey through the social media business,
OAS Ryan | Monetizing Blogs
  Hundreds of millions of people read billions of pages of blogs every day. With this number, you can surely gain something from any quality blog you produce. Today, Nathan Hirsch talks to Ryan Robinson, a blogger, podcaster, and side project aficionado that teaches 400,000 monthly readers how to start a blog and grow a profitable side business. Ryan recalls how he first got into business during his college days, working for someone after college,
OAS Dennis | Masterminds
  Being surrounded with the right people who adapt to ideal work principles can contribute to overall success, because people who strive to learn from others and strive to have positive well-being are epitomes of triumph. In this episode, Nathan Hirsch talks to Dennis McGinley, the Founder and CEO of the STRIVENT Mastermind and the author of the new book, Impression: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Wellbeing. Dennis shares his hiring process, including his simple
OAS Aymeric | The Wholesale Formula
  Interested in discovering the secrets to Amazon success? On today’s show, Nathan Hirsch interviews Aymeric Monello about his success as an Amazon seller and how The Wholesale Formula has helped him in his ventures. Aymeric shares what led him to selling retail on Amazon, how he created his business around it, and the ups and downs that he went through. He takes us behind the scenes on the process of selling his own business and

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