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What Can A Freelance UI Designer Do For You?

  • Focuses on User Interface

    Collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements

  • Designing the interface

    Deliver an outstanding user experience providing an exceptional and intuitive application design

  • Agile and Lean Software Development

    Design facilitators and conductors who conduct research with the new environment

  • User Advocacy

    User Interaction and User Experience are focused on the user, the needs, expectations, perception-behavior, etc. Interact with users and get feedback on what they like or dislike. Identify and effectively tackle the root cause of the issues.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Evaluate and iterate a design. Create prototypes that would help communicate and evaluate designs. Create simple paper or coded prototypes.

  • Participatory Design

    Opening up the process to as many interested and concerned parties as possible

How To Hire A Freelance UI Designer

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2. Submit a Request

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3. Hire the Best Fit

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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Are you having a difficult time turning website visitors into leads and sales? Maybe your website’s user interface (UI) is the problem. When it’s well-designed, a strong UI can increase conversion rates by up to 200%.

Don’t struggle to convert website visitors. Instead, maximize your conversions and company’s ROI! By hiring a qualified, experienced UI designer, you can boost your business without lifting a finger.

Not sure how to hire UI designers with your needs in mind? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

With this guide, you can hire the best UI designers around and turn your website into a top-notch marketing tool. Read on to get started!

What Does a UI Designer Do?

Before you hire UI designers to work on your website, it helps to know what the best UI designers are capable of.

UI design is often confused with UX, or user experience design. Together, the two are meant to improve a visitor’s overall experience as they explore your site. However, UI and UX are a little different.

UI refers to how users interact with your website. It often focuses on the visual aspect of your website. A UI designer will think about every touchpoint between point A and point B as a consumer uses your site.

Those touchpoints can include scrolling through a photo gallery, clicking on buttons, or navigating through pages.

UX, on the other hand, is how their experience on your site feels. 

The more a UI designer knows about your site visitors, the better they can adjust your site accordingly. They’ll need to know how the user moves through your content. A UI designer will also consider the interactive components of your site to create the best visual elements for your site.

Customizing your site with the users in mind will help you maximize conversions. A complicated user interface, on the other hand, will likely scare off site visitors. They’ll leave your website and visit a competitor’s site instead. 

UI Designer Responsibilities

Know that you know why it’s so important to hire UI designers to improve your site, let’s cover their responsibilities.

First, your UI designer will need to collaborate with your UX designer. Together, both designers will make sure your site looks, feels, and functions as intended. 

A strong UI designer will know how to collaborate and communicate with others.

Remember, UI design is all about the user. However, it’s about your goals, too. An effective UI designer will know how to move visitors through your site, straight toward a lead generator (like a form).

A smart UI designer will also complete thorough research. The better they understand your target audience, the more likely they’ll create an interface that works for that audience.

The UI designer will need to have talent and experience as a designer, of course. That includes creating visual touchpoints like buttons and designing screens. They’ll need to consider how users interact with those touchpoints, too. 

It’s also important to maintain consistency throughout page designs. Brand consistency can help improve brand recognition. When consumers recognize your brand, you’ll have an easier time convincing them of your credibility.

UI designers are also responsible for:

  • Determining a style guide to maintain consistency
  • Creating UI elements (scrollbars, icons, buttons, sliders)
  • Designing the interactivity for these elements (i.e. what does the slider do?)
  • Choosing colors and typeface
  • Creating animations
  • Developing responsive design
  • Designing the layout for each page on your site

Once the UI designers are done, they’ll use prototyping to test the designs and ensure everything works properly.

UI Interview Questions

Now that you know why it’s important to hire UI designers, here are the UI interview questions you should ask. With these questions, you can choose the best UI designer for your company’s website.

1. Do You Have Industry-Relevant Experience?

It’s important to choose a UI designer who has prior experience working on a site for someone in your industry. Their prior experience means they have knowledge relevant to your target audience. 

Do they know which techniques best apply to your target audience? Are they up-to-date with design trends relevant to your industry?

Make sure to determine how long they’ve worked as a designer, too.

2. What’s Your Creative Process?

As you ask these UI designer interview questions, learn as much as you can about the designer’s process. What strategies do they utilize? Do they prioritize certain UI design trends over others?

Make sure they’re capable of working alongside a UX designer, too. If they have a difficult time communicating with others, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

3. What’s Your Availability? 

Make sure the UI designer you choose is available to work on your website. If they have a pretty busy schedule, you’ll have a difficult time communicating with them. What reassurance do you have that they’ll respond to your questions right away?

4. Do You Offer Ongoing Maintenance?

Your website will need changes over time. Otherwise, you’ll fall behind the latest UI design trends. Your website’s functionality could suffer as well, which will impact conversions.

Make sure to find a UI designer who provides ongoing maintenance. 

5. How Many Revisions Are Included?

Once they finish working on the first version of your project, you’ll likely want to make certain changes. Look for a designer who allows you to make edits and revisions. Most designers include at least one round of revisions in their original pricing. 

Make sure to review the entire contract with the designer, too. 

6. Do You Have a Portfolio? 

Make sure to find a UI designer that’s familiar with mobile-optimization, too. About 60% of website users have a difficult time trusting brands that aren’t mobile-optimized. Since many consumers visit sites from their phones, you’ll want to make sure your site is optimized to gain those conversions.

7. Can I Speak With References?

Before you hire a UI designer to work on your site, speak with their previous clients. Ask about their experience. They might provide insight into that designer that you can’t find anywhere else.

Who to Choose: How to Hire UI Designers for Your Company Website

Want to generate more conversions on your website? Now that you know how to hire UI designers, get to it! Their abilities can help you create a website capable of improving your ROI.

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