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What Can A Freelance Video Editor Do For You?

  • Creation of a Storyboard

    Creation of a storyboard from the background information about your project, your ideas, and the tone and style that you want.

  • Follow a Created Storyboard

    Follow a created storyboard, organize your footage based on the storyboard, and import it into the editing software. Youtube video editors for hire can also follow your storyboard as a guide to editing the video, adding effects, transitions, music, and dialogue to ensure it matches the storyboard.

  • Create Shorts

    When you hire video editor, they can create shorts with a duration of 30 seconds to 2 minutes to promote a product or service, entertain viewers, or to educate them on a particular topic.

  • Design Thumbnails

    Design engaging thumbnails by using high-quality images, eye-catching visuals, and legible text, and keeping the design simple and aligned with the content of the video.

  • Add Graphics, Special Effects, Etc.

    A video editor for hire can choose effects that are appropriate for the video content and add value to the message.

  • Adjust the Picture

    Video editors can adjust the picture quality of video content to improve its overall visual appeal and quality. They can use color correction tools to adjust the color balance of the video, making it more visually appealing and consistent, and crop and resize the video to remove any unwanted elements.

  • Adjust Sound Quality

    Adjust the volume levels of the video to ensure that it is easy to hear without being too loud or too quiet and remove any background noise that may detract from the quality of the audio.

  • Upload Content

    Ensure that the file format of the content is compatible with the platform's requirements. When you hire Youtube video editor, they can also add relevant metadata, such as titles, descriptions, and tags, to help the content.

How To Hire A Freelance Video Editor

1. Create Account

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2. Submit a Request

Request the VA, freelancer, or agency you need. Meet a pre-vetted option within 1 biz day.

3. Hire the Best Fit

Have a 15-20 minute interview. Then hire the best VA, freelancer, or agency.

4. Track Hours and Billing

Reviews hours billed by freelancers and pay every Thursday.

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Sharing videos is one of the best ways to capture people’s attention online.

With the massive amount of competition you have to contend with, posting high-quality and well-edited videos is an excellent way to separate yourself from the pact.

That being said, hiring a highly-skilled and competent video editor is crucial to business success.

The question now is, how and where do you hire someone who fits the criteria to a tee? Keep reading to find out.

What Does a Video Editor Do?

Apart from the basic responsibility of putting together videos to produce a new one, video editors are also in charge of several other tasks such as the following:

  • Tell a story by putting together footage, sound, and other graphics.
  • Developing scripts and storyboards
  • Makes crucial decisions on maximizing the video’s value online
  • Fine-tune sounds, music, and voices
  • Add and edit filters
  • Creating titles

A video editor should also possess the following qualities:

  • They have to be creative
  • They need to have attention to detail
  • They should be able to work well with others since the job entails working with other creatives to produce high-quality content.
  • They should be patient since putting together videos may take time.
  • They need to be organized especially because they’ll be working with lots of assets (videos, images, sounds, music, etc.)
  • They need to have a deeper understanding not only of video editing concepts but also of video editing and post-processing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, and Adobe After Effects just to name a few.

How to Find a Video Editor

It’s a given that there are a great number of talented and experienced video editors you can find online. It all goes down to what you need a video editor for.

  • Do you need someone who can put together something beautiful out of the raw footage you’ve shot?
  • Will you be needing someone who can edit audio from your podcast?
  • Are you looking for someone good at adding special effects?
  • Does the person you’re looking for have to be knowledgeable in the editing software you’re using?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a video editing job?
  • How soon do you need them?
  • How simple or complex is the video editing project you need help with?

Another important aspect you need to pay attention to is the video editor’s portfolio. This will largely determine the potential candidate’s capabilities in terms of image, sound, and editing style.

Are the sounds from the videos they’ve produced crystal clear? Are the videos and transitions seamless even if played at the highest quality? Are there no instances of dropped frames and unnecessary pixelation during playback? Do their past work show variety in terms of editing style or are they mostly similar?

Knowing the answers to all these questions should help you narrow down your choices and help you identify the right person who can meet or even exceed your expectations.

How to Hire a Video Editor

The good news is FreeUp makes it faster and easier for you to hire a video editor. With a few simple steps, you can be working with a freelance video editor in less than 48 hours.

Create a FreeUp Account

Sign up for a FreeUp account for free to get access to the FreeUp community. This will also allow you to get direct access to hundreds of pre-vetted video editors.

Send a Request for the Freelancer You’re Looking For

Once you’ve created your FreeUp account, simply click the “Freelancer Request” button so you can provide FreeUp with all the relevant information like your budget as well as the qualifications of your ideal video editor. FreeUp will then send you a freelancer that matches your requirements within one business day.

Interview and Hire the Best Freelancer

Set up a 15 to 20-minute interview with the freelancer you were introduced to so you can determine if he or she is the right fit. You will then have the option to hire them or request for another one until you find the perfect fit.

Easily Manage Freelancers Via Your FreeUp Account

Once hired, you can then meet with the video editor again so you can set clear expectations about the communication methods and work hours you prefer, among others.

It’s important to keep in mind that the process doesn’t end as soon as you click on the “Hire” button. Taking the time to properly onboard freelancers often leads to better working relationships and achievement of goals.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Video Editor

Like other freelancers, video editors can be paid either on an hourly rate or a per-project basis but there are several factors to consider when it comes to determining the cost.

The scope of the project as well as the complexity of the tasks involved in producing content is one of these factors.

The type of video as well as the expertise you require also play a huge role in determining video editing costs.

A project that requires basic video editing will usually cost you around $20 to $45 per hour while something that requires intermediate or advanced skills will cost you between $45 to $100 per hour.

If the project requires an expert on the producer level, you can expect to pay fees above $100 per hour as should be expected.

Leave the Editing to the Professionals

Hiring a professional to edit your videos will ensure that you get the best possible quality. Working with a professional will also allow you to focus your time and energy on other areas of your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with a video editor, check out this helpful article.

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