Do You Want to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Outsourcing?

If you’re like most of our clients and readers, you own a business, but you want more time for your personal life or time to expand your business to the next level. You have the vision of who you want to become and you know outsourcing is an option to get there.

Does this sound like you?

Think about if you’ve found yourself in one of these situations in the past 6 months:

  • You’re scared to hire a remote freelancer in fear of being scammed by them leaving.
  • You’ve had a poor experience hiring a remote freelancer in the past.
  • You have no idea where to start outsourcing, but you want to get into it.
  • You’re just starting to learn about remote hiring.

Any of these ring a bell? I know that they did for us when we first started hiring freelancers.

We Were In Your Shoes

Through years of starting and scaling our own online businesses, we’ve learned the hard way how to fail while hiring freelancers online. We’ve gone through the horror stories and have come out on the other side better for it. You know all of those horrifying situations where freelancers have disappeared or have outsourced their work out to a family member? Yup, we were right in the middle of all of them.

In the time that we built two 25+ people teams for our businesses, we developed our own online hiring strategies that came to be a manifesto for how we would recruit, interview, hire, and manage remote freelancers. They are the practices that we now share with thousands of other business owners online through podcast interviews, blog articles, how-to videos, and ebooks.

The Purpose of this Ebook

When we wrote this eBook, we wanted to educate other business owners on the mistakes we committed when building our first remote teams. AND the steps you can take to avoid these mistakes.

Through our experiences hiring hundreds of remote freelancers and managing remote teams, we’ve uncovered secrets to do it right from the beginning.

By reading this 30+ page eBook, you’ll walk away aware of the top 10 mistakes you should look to avoid as you build your first remote team.

What You’ll Learn

In this book, you’ll be introduced to the following most common mistakes of outsourcing. Each mistake is accompanied by an actionable solution that you can implement to avoid committing each common mistake. To read the entire 30+ page eBook, fill out the form below and we’ll send a copy right to your email address.

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