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What Can A Freelance Android Developer Do For You?

  • Develop Applications

    Design and build applications for the android platform

  • Software Testing

    Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications

  • Application Administration

    Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs

  • Software Maintenance

    Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

  • Team Collaboration

    Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

  • UI and UX design

    Effective execution of UI/UX design in the making of an application

How To Hire A Freelance Android Developer

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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So, you want to create an app, but you don’t want to hire a full-time coder year-round. It sounds like you need a freelance android developer.

One of the significant benefits of going with an Android developer instead of an Apple one is the versatility that the android ecosystem offers. Because Android is open-source, no special certifications are needed. So, anyone with a knowledge of the right coding languages and tools can use it. 

The competition in the Android development space opens up a world of opportunity and money-saving potential. 

What Is a Freelance Android Developer?

An Android developer designs applications for the Android ecosystem – simple, right? Well, a developer should be so much more than that. They should be able to work with data systems, stay up to date on the latest in coding developments, and they should be able to work in a team.

So, are you looking to have someone tune your system? maybe you need a coder to provide recurring maintenance. There are several levels of experience among programmers that you should know about before hiring. 

Skills an Android Developer Should Have

You can hire Android developers with various skill levels, so tailor your hiring to your needs. These levels of skill are junior, experienced, and senior proficiency tags. All developers should indicate their experience in their profiles on Freeup.net. You can check out our app developer section here.

Junior Developer

A junior android developer will have several basic qualifications. They will have three years of experience or less, and they will have experience building only simple apps. If you’re looking for programming assistants, then hire a junior developer. 

So, if you need more bodies in your workforce for little to no money, go with a Junior freelance developer. 

Experienced Developer

Once a developer has gained 3+ years of experience, they can begin to work independently from their team, and they can be considered an experienced developer. Look at your experienced developer’s portfolio. If they’ve done work on very complex apps, you should be heavily considering them for your job openings.

If you need a one-person army to launch your app at a more reasonable price, then you should be looking for Experienced developers. 

Senior Developer

A senior Android app developer freelancer has been around the block and worked on a decent amount of complex apps. So, you can expect a senior developer to have 5+ years of experience, experience in leadership positions, and excellent soft skills.

If you need a showrunner for a larger project, hire a senior developer.

What Skills Does an Android Developer Need?

No matter the skill level, any Android app developer freelancing must have several technical skills mastered before they can begin advertising themselves and getting hired. 

  1. Working knowledge of Java: Java is the most popular coding language for Andriod app development, so any coder should have this language in their arsenal. 
  2. Working knowledge of Android SDK: Andriod SDK is Androids in-platform software development kit. Each iteration of SDK comes with a life cycle and OS that it can operate on, so your developer should know the nuances of this tool to be effective. 
  3. Proficiency with APIs: Test your freelancer’s knowledge by asking them if they know JSON/REST and the XML/SOAP APIs.

How Much Should You Pay a Freelance Android Developer?

So, how much should you be paying for your Android development freelance jobs?

Well, the price mainly depends on the level and location of the freelance Android developer that you’re thinking about hiring! 

Let’s compare prices in Western Europe and the continental United States to help illustrate the point. (These prices are just estimates and not final figures.)

The U.S.A. 

The average salary of a developer in the U.S. is $96,000 a year. You should be expecting to pay around this for general coding work. We’ve included pay by experience level below as well. 

  • A junior developer will cost around $60,000 a year

  • An experienced developer will cost around $100,000 a year

  • A senior developer will cost around $130,000 a year

Western Europe

The average salary of a developer in Western Europe is $50,000 a year. You should be expecting to pay around this for general coding work. We’ve included pay by experience level below as well. 

  • A junior developer will cost around $33,000 a year

  • An experienced developer will cost around $55,000 a year

  • A senior developer will cost around $75,000 a year

When you start to find freelance android app developers, it’s essential to keep in mind that racing to the bottom with your price quotes damage your final product. Plan to hire the correct level of developer for the level of experience your project demands.

How to Interview & Evaluate a Freelance Android Developer

Now that you know what your perfect android developer does and how much to pay, it’s time to start posting job openings. So, what questions should you ask during the interview process? We have a couple of suggestions. 

To Test the Developer’s Knowledge

  1. What is your debugging workflow, and what tools do you recommend?

  2. What are your favorite mobile automation tools, and why?

  3. Why is Android better than other OS’s?

  4. What is an Activity lifestyle on the Android platform?

  5. Will you please map out a basic Android framework for me?

  6. How do you imagine this app working, and why do you believe that?

  7. In this scenario, my app is frequently crashing; how would you troubleshoot it?

  8. What makes a project successful?

  9. How can you identify a memory leak?

To Test the Developer’s Personality

  1. What interests you about projects like this?

  2. Why are you a good fit for this position? 

  3. Please walk me through your organization process.

  4. What are your best strengths and worst weaknesses?

  5. Please describe a mistake that you’ve made recently – what did you learn?

It’s All Back on Your Shoulders Now

Before making the hiring decision, you should call the developer’s recent clients. If your developer is reluctant to hand over references, then that might be a red flag.

Not only that, no matter how good an interview is, the developer you hire will most likely treat you the same as all of their past clients. So, before you hire, please do your due diligence and check up on their references. You might uncover information that changes your mind completely.

You can also get information from our review boards! Please create a free account and Start hiring your next star freelance android developer with us. 

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