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What Can A Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Do For You?

  • Create A Marketing Plan & Strategy

    Hire an expert to create or help you with a marketing plan to increase traffic, leads and sales.

  • Get More Traffic With SEO

    Get free traffic from Google by optimizing your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • Get More Customers With Social Media

    Set up social media and connect with your audience with a social media strategy.

  • Setup & Optimize Paid Traffic

    Set up and optimize paid traffic with Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook Ads, Retargeting, and more.

  • Create An Email Marketing Strategy

    Set up email marketing campaigns, autoresponders, write newsletters and more.

  • Content Marketing

    Hire a digital marketer to write & promote awesome content to attract customers.

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a start-up or you manage an established company, when you hire a digital marketer, it helps you build your brand and drive sales.

You might know your business in and out, but a digital marketing consultant has the expertise to recognize missed opportunities for your company to target and engage new customers, as well as the know-how to retain them. If your own marketing efforts have fallen flat in the past or you don’t have the time and talent to tackle the work yourself, an expert can help you create a solid marketing strategy that meets – and ideally exceeds – your ROI goals.

Before hiring a marketing consultant, though, there are many factors to take into consideration. This helpful guide offers a few things to keep in mind during the hiring process.

Know What Services You Need from a Digital Marketing Consultant

Before contacting potential marketing consultants, first you should know exactly what you need from them. Some marketing specialists might handle specific types of projects, while others take on a broader range of work.

There are consultants that specialize in branding, which includes defining and honing your company’s identity, voice, mission, and values.

Meanwhile, other consultants might focus more on building a marketing strategy and execution plan for your business. They can identify where your advertising dollars are best spent and track the data to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

That’s why it’s so important to know precisely what your company’s current marketing needs are.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to outsource all marketing duties for your company? Or do you have a single, specific project you’d like a consultant to work on? Or maybe all you need is a short consultation and some feedback to direct your in-house marketing team.

Recognizing your own needs will help you determine the best person for the job.

Understand Your Own Expectations

As you consider the best digital marketing consultant for the job, consider your expectations. What is the end result you’re hoping for?

While conveying the scope of your marketing needs, include a measurable metric. This could be anything from a target number of onboarded clients or increased revenue over a specific period of time.

As you interview consultants, ask yourself if you think they can achieve these goals.

Set a Budget

Imagine finding the perfect marketing consultant for your job. They understand your brand and what you’re trying to accomplish. You’re impressed by their previous work and their pitch to elevate your company. It’s a match made in heaven.

Or is it?

Imagine if, after all that, you learn this perfect digital marketer for hire charges way more than you can afford.

Save yourself the time and disappointment by setting a budget for your project in advance and being upfront about it during the hiring process.

Before speaking with any potential consultant, research the average marketing rates in your area. Fees can range from $50 to upwards of $300 per hour depending on their experience and expertise. Some consultants might even offer a flat fee for a one-off project or a monthly rate for ongoing work.

For more information on Virtual Assistant Rates, check out our pricing guide.

How to Interview a Digital Marketer for hire

Just like you would for any other job, before you hire a digital marketer, interview several candidates for the role.

Go into these interviews with a clear idea of what you’d like to know about them and their work. Have they worked with businesses similar to yours or in your industry before? What kind of measurable results have they achieved with other clients?

You should also ask them to share their thoughts about your current marketing strategy and what improvements they’ll be able to offer if hired.

If you’re considering to hire a digital marketer firm, rather than an individual consultant, ask which of their employees will be overseeing marketing for your company and also whether you can interview this person, even if just by phone. Just because you like the firm doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with the project manager.

They will likely have some questions for you, as well. You might be interviewing them, but these consultants are also interviewing you to make sure they also feel they’re a good fit to work with you. So, make sure you’re ready to answer questions about your goals, customer demographic, competitors, and current strategies.

Ask to Speak with References

Their resumes might be impressive, but when considering to hire digital marketers, it’s fair to ask for references and case studies of their past work.

This will provide a better picture of who they are and what they can bring to your business.

Request a Proposal Before You Hire a Digital Marketer

If you like what you’ve heard after interviewing a potential marketing consultant, make sure you ask them to create a proposal for your company before making an offer.

During your interview, they likely touched upon how you can improve your company’s marketing plan and some ways they might do this. A proposal offers more formal insights into what they can bring to your business.

Before they write a proposal, express clearly to them exactly what your marketing needs are and what you hope a consultant can bring to the table. This should be reflected in their proposal, which should include the steps they’d take to achieve your end goal.

Their proposal should also include a timeline for completion and their estimated cost for the work, whether they charge hourly, monthly, or per project.

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