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How a Facebook Ads Expert Can Help Your Business

Finding a Facebook ads expert for your business can be critical once you're ready to scale your growth. After gaining initial traction and starting the growth process, Facebook ads becomes a viable option for reaching more potential customers and keeping them in the loop with what your company is up to.

With the growing popularity of Facebook ads, there are now thousands of Facebook ads experts around the world offering their services to small, medium, and large sized businesses. Some Facebook ads experts even are running their own digital agencies with a team of Facebook ads experts. Regardless of the size and budget of your business, you have options that can cater to your needs.

As you get started with a Facebook ads expert, it's important to know what their capabilities are. When hiring through the FreeUp marketplace, you'll be able to find Facebook ads experts that are experienced and competent in the areas below. Give them a browse and make sure you know exactly what you're looking for.

Start your Facebook ads from scratch

Hire a Facebook ads expert, tell them about your business goals with Facebook ads, and let them create an overall Facebook ads strategy. Once you approve, they can set the campaigns up in the Facebook ads manager based off your budget and wants.

Copywriting for your Facebook ads

Most Facebook ads experts are also expert copywriters meaning they understand how to create content that speaks to specific niches/groups of people. A Facebook ads expert can understand your target audience then create compelling content to bring them into the call to action on the advertisement.

Optimize your current Facebook ads campaigns

Facebook ads are tough to scale and convert on. It requires a Facebook ads expert to really dive into the details to find out how to get you the best clickthrough rates and conversion rates. Have a Facebook ads expert run A/B and split tests. They can also try targeting different audiences to see which converts best.

Create sales funnels for your Facebook ads

Once your Facebook ads are created, it’s important that you have a sales funnel where you can send the potential customers. A sales funnel can provide more information and give you an opportunity to capture their email address for ongoing marketing.

Why should you choose FreeUp?

1. Access to the top 1%

We recruit, vet, and interview thousands of hundreds of Facebook ads experts every month for their experience and communication methods. We then only allow the top 1% of applicants into the marketplace. You gain immediate access to all of them when you create an account. No sign up fees and no minimums.

2. The no turnover guarantee

We know how frustrating turnover can be. That's why we have the FreeUp No Turnover Guarantee. In the rare case that you hire a Facebook ads expert and they then have to leave for whatever reason, we will replace them immediately and cover any replacement costs that you incur.

3. 24/7 client support

Outstanding client support is a core pillar of how FreeUp operates. From the time you create your account all the way through the hiring process, we have a team of dedicated assistants ready to answer your questions, address issues, and make sure your hiring experience is stellar. You can even speak directly with our CEO and CMO if you'd like to.

4. Secure billing

FreeUp billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week. You can review all hours billed by the Facebook ads expert in your FreeUp account and get in touch with us if anything looks off. Each Thursday, you'll be billed using a credit card or bank account that you can set up on your account. The freelancer will then be paid the following week for their work.

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