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What Can A Freelance Full Stack Developer Do For You?

  • Front-end Technology

    Master of essential front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.

  • Development Languages

    Knowledge on other programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

  • Database and Cache

    Knowledge of various DBMS technology and caching mechanisms.

  • Design

    Understands the basic prototype design and UI /UX design.

  • Server

    Knowledge on handling Apache or nginx servers.

  • Working with API

    Knowledge of web services.

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Hiring for technical roles can be difficult if you come from a non-technical background. You know you need to hire someone right for the right job, but how can you be sure you’ve found them when you don’t have experience in their field?

Finding a full stack software developer was a high priority for a lot of businesses in 2019, and that trend hasn’t changed. Plenty of companies are competing to bring in the best developer talent. You’re going to have your work cut out for you if you want to find the best one for your next project.

Want to know what you need to do to find a great full stack software developer? Keep reading to get a little background on what a full stack software developer can do for your company and the best ways to find one.

What Is a Full Stack Software Developer?

To put it plainly, a full stack developer is a coder that can work with both front-end and back-end technologies. 

When we say front-end and back-end, think of it as someone that can help program the functionalities of your app or software program and can also help make sure that it presents correctly to your users. They’re masters of technical infrastructure and also can work with designers to bring your software program or app to life.

Many people like to bring in full stack developers because it keeps costs down on projects. Instead of having to hire several people to work on front and back-end work, you can have someone that can focus on running both areas of development smoothly.

4 Tips for Finding, Interviewing and Hiring a Full Stack Developer 

Now that you know what a full stack developer is, we can spend some time on how you’re going to find the right one for your project. 

Every step of the hiring process will tell you some important information about the potential developer you’re bringing on to your project. That’s why it’s important to come prepared for every meeting and interview around your next hire. 

If you want to find the right full stack developer for your next project, be sure to keep these 4 important tips in mind. 

1. Be Specific About Expertise 

One of the most common mistakes people make when they try to hire a full stack developer is assuming that the title “full stack” means that they’re technical wizards and are automatically familiar with every operating system, platform, and programing language available.

It isn’t unusual to find a full stack developer that has experience in a few popular areas, but it would be impossible for even the most talented developers to know everything there is. 

This is why it’s important to be very specific about the kind of tools you plan on using during your project. You’ll want to make sure that you find someone that will be able to work in your current framework.  

2. Prepare a Reasonable Test

It isn’t unusual for companies to send developers, designers, and other people in tech tests so they can assess their skills. If you want to ensure that you can hire someone that can handle the job, be sure to test their skills.

Get your team involved in the test making process. Having employees that understand the day to day of their job create the tests can ensure that you’ll find someone that’s in line with your current needs. 

Tests aren’t uncommon, but some companies have taken it a bit too far. A test that would take days to complete can be needlessly complicated and could immediately make a qualified candidate think twice about working for your business.

Instead of trying to craft a long assessment of every skill you can think of, take time to create a test that touches on the most important skills for the job to find the right developer. 

3. Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions during the interview process will be a critical part of finding the right full stack developer for your team. Faking a resume and even submitting a flawless coding exercise can be easy, but it’s much harder to fake knowledge when you’re being asked questions in real-time. 

Don’t just ask them about their past development experience, ask them about their experience dealing with projects that are similar to yours. See what technology stacks they’d recommend for your specific project, and what they’d recommend for next steps in the development process.

Focus on getting them to explain the approach they’d take to handling your work. This gives you insight into how they think and can help you learn if they’ll mesh well with your team.

4. Bring Out the Whole Team

A lot of things need to come together to bring a software project to life. You’re going to need a project manager that can make sure that tasks are being done well and on time. Designers and specialists in UX/UI will need to make your interface. 

The full stack developer you bring in won’t just need to be good at they’re job, they’re also going to have to work well with your team. That’s why we always suggest that companies bring in additional team members to help with interviews. 

When you involve people from different facets of your team, you’re able to gain perspective on how the new hire will fit into the project. A designer or project manager could ask a question you didn’t think to bring up or could reveal that you need to consider other skills when you make a new hire. 

Find Your New Team Member Today

Finding a full stack software developer doesn’t have to be difficult if you go about it the right way. When you focus on reaching out to the right people, preparing a comprehensive test, and leaning on existing members of your team, you’ll be able to find the right person for the job in no time.

We’re experts in helping companies find great talent, and we’re ready to help you find your next star employee. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today so we can start talking about your unique hiring needs. 

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