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What Can A Freelance Salesforce Consultant Do For You?

  • Set Up Your Salesforce Account

    Hire a Salesforce freelancer that knows the platform to get your account created so that you can start to tap into their technology to grow your business.

  • Create a Salesforce Strategy

    Need processes to manage your use of Salesforce for your sales strategies? Find an experienced Salesforce freelancer that can you build out the initial processes before you add people into the system.

  • Manage Leads in Salesforce

    Need someone to keep your Salesforce leads organized and engaged? Hire a Salesforce freelancer to act as a sales assistant to growing your business.

  • Custom Integrations with Salesforce

    Find and hire a Salesforce freelancer that has a high level knowledge of how to integrate Salesforce with other apps that you’re using within your business.

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If you are in need of a Salesforce consultant, it is possible to hire one on a freelance basis. But if you aren’t a Salesforce guru, how do you know where to look and what to look for?

Read on for a detailed guide on how to hire the right Salesforce professional. 

Know What You Need

There are various types of salesforce professionals. You might not know exactly what you need beyond the fact that you need a salesforce consultant.

Yet, before you get too deep in the hiring process, it is important to know what your needs are. It’s helpful to have an idea of what the daily basis tasks are.

Then, you will know what to look for in a freelancer profile. 

Know the Program and the Lingo (a Bit)

You aren’t a Salesforce expert, that’s OK. That’s why you want to hire a Salesforce freelancer. yet, to get the right person for the job, you need to have some knowledge about Salesforce.

If you know what the platform is and what its capabilities are, you will be better able to interview candidates and gauge their proficiency. 

Draft a Clear Job Description

In order to find the right Salesforce expert, it’s vital that your job description piques their interest.

The wrong advert will scare away even the most qualified candidate. You don’t want to put in non-essential details here. 

Your job posting should discuss the day-to-day role you are looking for. You should also be clear about the products you use, the growth opportunities for this role, and your vision for Salesforce.

This is what candidates want to know. Too much about company culture and values aren’t necessary here. You can circle back to that during the interview stage. 

Check for Technical Knowledge 

When you start to look through freelance profiles, finding the right Salesforce expert can seem daunting.

It’s easiest if you start by looking for proficiency in the languages, frameworks, and tools. In general, the most important areas to look for include Salesforce frameworks, Lightning App Builder, SOQL, Apex, and Salesforce APIs.

You will also want to find out a candidate’s programming knowledge including data binding, polymorphism, and other areas.

You can also schedule a 30-minute consultation with our team to get help with your hiring process. 

Look for Previous Experience 

Examining the candidate’s background will let you see the areas where they shine. Plus, by knowing your needs, you can really see if that professional is the right fit for your project.

So what previous experience are you looking for? Past work building code applications, testing, and code reviews are all great signs.

Of course, project experience is also an advantage. A candidate that has built a solution similar to the one you are looking for is a huge plus.

However, it’s not just about experience. The approaches a candidate uses to solve issues will help you decide how that person would perform during your project.

Remember that resumes are just a snapshot. During an interview, you can dive into a candidate’s professional background to get insights into the true level of expertise. 

Look for Certifications

Not all capable Salesforce contractors have certifications. But, hiring a certified Salesforce consultant gives you an extra layer of confidence in the person’s abilities.

A certificate in an official Salesforce course gives you proof of competency.

There are various kinds of certifications based on skills in a given area. The key to determining hourly rate is often based on the certification the Salesforce expert completed.

Here are the most common Salesforce certificates:

  • Salesforce Administrator 
  • Salesforce Architect 
  • Salesforce Developer 
  • Salesforce Marketing
  • Salesforce Consultant 

Conduct Pre-Interview Tests

You could interview a dozen or more candidates for the job. But that is timely and not cost-effective.

A better option is to require candidates to complete a pre-interview test. Automated assessments free up your time and allow you to extract a bunch of useful information.

This test can help you glean technical abilities as well as interpersonal skills and competency. You will then be able to narrow down your candidate pool to a select few.

Interview Time

Now you have only a few interviews to do. By this point, you know a lot about their competency and their ability to do the job. 

During these interviews, you can focus on the how and why of the role and their past experience. Also, by doing the pre-test, you have the time during an interview to find the right cultural fit.

You can use the interview to get a sense of them as a person and learn about their interests, goals, and so on. 

Don’t Overlook Soft Skills 

Remember not to overlook the necessary soft skills for this role. Technical skill is just one aspect. You also want a candidate that has the essential communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Hire the Best Salesforce Consultant 

There you have it! Now you know what to do in order to hire a Salesforce consultant for your company.

By following these tips you will be able to target the ideal candidates for your needs.

Are you in need of the top talent for your company? At FreeUp, we pair you with a qualified candidate within 24 hours. That way you can take your company to the next level, faster than ever. 

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