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What Can A Freelance SEO Writer Do For You?

  • Solid Understanding of SEO

    Knows how to craft SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, use keywords effectively and keep up with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

  • Adaptability

    Adapts to the tone and style of the piece or the culture of the brand.

  • Strong Research Skills

    Always researching things – wording, meanings, vocab, jargon, background info, etc.

  • Organizational Skills

    Prioritize jobs and gets them all done promptly.

  • Goal Oriented

    Focuses on tasks and the end results of those tasks.

  • Communication

    Ability to listen, speak, observe and empathize.

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What Is An SEO Writer?


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How can SEO writer help you? It’s been said that in today’s battle for online supremacy, content is king which means the more content you produce, the better the chances of getting recognized. 

While this is all true given how Google’s, (as well as that of other social media platforms’) algorithm, is designed, having hundreds of blog posts published on your website wouldn’t be enough.


Because having loads of content isn’t worth anything without visibility and discoverability. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into the picture because, without SEO, all your efforts to produce great content will only go to waste.  

This is also why it’s crucial to have a good SEO content writer or SEO writer in your fold if you don’t have one yet. But what does an SEO writer do that makes them so important?

An SEO writer is a specialist who doesn’t only write good-quality content but also uses aspects of search engine rankings in producing well-written, SEO-optimized content.

Given their responsibilities, an SEO writer should have a deep understanding of Google’s (as well as other search engines for that matter) ranking factors as well as onsite and offsite optimization techniques that will help you achieve higher rankings and thus, allow you to meet your goals.

They should also be well-versed and experienced in keyword research which is an integral part of the SEO process and more importantly, understands and is up-to-date on Google’s latest algorithm.

He or she should also know how to write long content efficiently, making every sentence unique while embedding keywords throughout the content.

Why Is it important to have an SEO writer?

Is an SEO writer a must-have for business owners today?

The answer is an absolute “YES,” and for a number of reasons. For one, boosting search rankings is essential not just in putting your business in front of more pairs of eyes but ultimately, for it to achieve long-term success.

An efficient SEO writer knows how to manipulate backlinks, anchor texts, meta descriptions, and meta tags and make them work to your advantage.

It’s also no secret that good content gets more traffic which is essential in building a bigger following. A competent SEO article writer knows how to make a bold impression. He or she knows how to “hook” a reader in and grab their attention before they click away.

A good freelance SEO content writer can also save you a lot of money especially if you like spending them on pay-per-click advertising. It’s a better long-term investment to have a full SEO-optimized website than to continue paying advertising fees.

Lastly, an SEO writer brings a lot to the table especially when it comes to the tools that will help your business rank organically as well as help you understand SEO and its implications better.

As mentioned, keyword research is a big part of SEO so an SEO content writer may introduce you to tools such as keyword analyzers, keyword analysis software, or different SEO templates.  

He or she may also be able to help you decide on the type of content you need to be putting out to help you rank higher in various search engines.

What Skills Does An SEO Writer Have?

Since SEO writing is crucial to the success of any business, what then should business owners look for in an SEO writer? What specific skills do they need to possess?

It goes without saying that one of the most important skills to look for in an SEO writer is diverse writing skills. He or she needs to have a basic understanding of the different writing styles because different topics may require different approaches.

The tone you use to write about a sporting event, for example, cannot be used to write content about funeral homes that requires a more serious tone, doesn’t it?

A good SEO writer should also know how to use SEO keywords naturally. While SEO optimization may sound as simple as sprinkling keywords all over an article, the truth is it isn’t. It has to have a natural flow and not sound forced just for the sake of using the keyword as many times as you can.

He or she should also know how to write clear and concise articles. They should be grammatically correct and sentences should be evenly distributed among paragraphs.  

People don’t like to read wordy articles or paragraphs with multiple sentences. An efficient SEO writer knows how to grab people’s attention and keep them interested instead of going somewhere else.

Lastly, an effective SEO content writer knows what the reader wants and focuses all of his or her energy on writing and SEO-optimizing such pieces of content. They should also know how to manage their time and be sensitive to deadlines

What Are the Different Types of Content an SEO Writer Can Create?

An SEO writer can create a variety of content types to help improve a website‘s search engine ranking. This includes creating and optimizing web page titles, meta descriptions, and other onpage elements; developing keywordrich content for articles, blog posts, and other website pages; and creating backlinks to improve a website‘s link popularity. Additionally, an SEO writer can create social media content and press releases to help promote a website and its products or services.

How Much Do SEO Writers Get Paid?

Like any other freelance gig, SEO writers get paid differently depending on several factors.  

Experience will of course play a bigger role in determining how much to pay a freelance SEO content writer but then again, the scope of the project, as well as the location of the freelancer, also make a difference.

SEO article writers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, for instance, are paid higher compared to those hailing from other countries like the Philippines or India due to the higher cost of living.

You may also pay SEO writers on an hourly or per-project (fixed pricing) rate and this is where experience comes into play. For good quality, entry-level SEO writers, $15 per hour would be a good start.

Intermediate or mid-level SEO writers, on the other hand, would cost you around $35 to $45 per hour while the more experienced, expert-level ones can charge up to $60 per hour or higher.

You may encounter freelancers who charge less than $15 per hour which is perfectly fine though it can be a bit risky. On rare occasions, there are also SEO writers who charge based on word count or a per article basis. For example, one may charge $5 for 500 words or $30 for a 2000-word article.

This is one of the better reasons why you should hire freelancers through FreeUp because all our freelancers are pre-vetted and you can always get a replacement if the freelancer you hired isn’t a good fit.

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Where Can Writers Be Located?

There is no one answer to this question as SEO writers can be located all over the world. However, many SEO writers are located in countries with a high concentration of English speakers such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This is because English is the language most often used for online communication and content, so it is important for SEO writers to be able to write in English fluently. There are also many SEO writers located in India, as Indian companies often outsource their SEO writing needs to Indian freelancers.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO writer on FreeUp

There will always be risks in hiring freelancers but you can minimize those risks by hiring SEO writers via FreeUp.Benefits of Hiring an SEO Writer


Because FreeUp freelancers are pre-vetted and we represent the top 1% of online freelancers today. What this means is you’re hiring someone who is not only qualified but is also proven to be effective in their respective specialization.

In terms of SEO writing, FreeUp freelancers know how to write for the web which is an entirely different skill from article writing. Article writers write engaging content but an SEO article writer does more.

As mentioned, people’s attention spans are getting shorter when it comes to anything online and it would be a big boost for your business if you can find someone who knows how to grab people’s attention and make a good first impression.

SEO writers from FreeUp are also experienced in customizing content for search engines which can help make your product or service more visible and discoverable.

FreeUp SEO writers are content experts who not only write engaging content but also know how to optimize pages so search engines can easily find them. 

Visibility and discoverability, as we all know, come with a ton of benefits. The more visible your website is, the better the engagement. The more engagement you get, the better the chances of attracting leads, selling products, and promoting brand loyalty.

An SEO writer also helps keep your content updated which is crucial considering how a lot of people find outdated information unforgivable. But take note, an SEO writer doesn’t just implement minor changes. They can update a website’s existing content while still keeping it SEO-optimized.

Perhaps more importantly, hiring an SEO writer can help you increase your revenue in more ways than one. Going by the “content is king” narrative, SEO writers produce relevant, reliable, and valuable pieces of content that not only impress people but also gain their trust.

The more people trust your brand, the more they will keep coming back. They may even recommend you to other people in their circles.

Different Types of Writers:

  • SEO
  • Blog Content
  • Conversion
  • Email + Autoresponders

Hourly vs. Fixed Rate Writers :

Now that you already have an idea of how much SEO writers are paid, it’s time to discuss how SEO writers are paid on FreeUp.

FreeUp SEO content writers are generally paid in two ways. They’re either paid hourly or via a fixed rate. This may vary depending on the client’s requirements or whatever the client and freelancer agreed upon.

Fixed-rate or per project payment works well with SEO writing projects especially if you already have a pre-determined number of words you want your content to contain.

While word count is used for general content writing projects, it’s important to understand that SEO writing has more to it than just writing.  

The keyword research and search engine optimization aspect deserve due consideration as well which makes such projects typically pricier compared to your straight-up article-writing project.

The SEO article writers we have on FreeUp do freelancing either on a part-time or full-time basis and we understand that not everyone can dedicate time for freelance work the same way others do especially if they still have full-time jobs.

This is where these payment methods come in handy which is especially true for an SEO writer who only works on weekends or after office hours.  

The bottom line is it all goes down to what you and the SEO writer you hire agree upon. Whether it’s hourly or fixed-price, what we can guarantee is that FreeUp freelancers are committed, efficient, and highly professional because they are part of the top 1% of online freelancers today.

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