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What Can A Freelance SEO Expert Do For You?

  • Develop an SEO Strategy

    Need to get your SEO work off the ground? Hire an SEO freelancer to build out a SEO strategy that works best for your business and budget.

  • Optimize Your Website

    Your website should be a magnet for potential customers. Hire a SEO freelancer from FreeUp to go through all of your pages and optimize them for the SEO keywords most relevant to your business.

  • Create SEO-Focused Blog Content

    Writing blog articles for specific long-tail SEO keywords can help drive traffic to your site from search engines. Hire a SEO freelancer that specializes in writing content to build out your blog content.

  • Perform Keyword Research

    One of the first steps of SEO is researching keywords relevant to your business. Find an SEO freelancer from FreeUp to handle this initial task for you.

  • Build Backlinks

    Once you’ve created great SEO focused content, you need to drive links back to them from other sites to build authority. Find an SEO freelancer that has strategies to build links back to your content.

  • Get Guest Articles

    When you get links back to your site, you increase your domain authority. Find an SEO freelancer from FreeUp that can reach out to industry-relevant blogs, land a guest article for you, and help increase the number of links headed to your site.

How To Hire A Freelance SEO Expert

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3. Hire the Best Fit

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4. Track Hours and Billing

Reviews hours billed by freelancers and pay every Thursday.

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Did you know that the internet has more than 1.5 billion websites? With such a number, it would be absurd to imagine that your site will rank highly without any conscious effort. You need to invest in SEO to increase your chances of dominating search engines. 

Mastering SEO to an expert level can be quite complex. With the massive competition, your business needs SEO services whether or not you are tech-savvy. Hiring an SEO expert will guarantee you exceptional results.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO specialist, there’s a pool of SEO freelancers on the internet. Getting the right person for the job is another task altogether. Here is a guide on how to hire an SEO expert. 

Define What SEO Services You Want 

It would be best if you were conversant with basic SEO to know what you want for your business. Conversely, you can hire an SEO freelancer offering a full package. Ensure that you make the specification before hiring an expert.

There are crucial aspects to guide you when sourcing for an SEO specialist. You can seek content creation, keyword research, link building, and on-site optimization. All these services are critical in search engine optimization. 

If you’re already utilizing some SEO tools, you don’t need to request for a whole package as it can be expensive. Research more on what’s involved in SEO to guide you in hiring an SEO specialist.

Vet Potential SEO Experts

The internet has millions of freelance SEO gurus who stage themselves as experts. It would be hard to determine the experience level of a freelancer unless you vet them through a multi-pronged method to ensure that the best candidate stands out.

FreeUp pre-vets all candidates so you’ll know you’re getting someone good when you use the FreeUp platform, but you’ll always want to interview the candidate to make sure they have what you’re looking for specifically.

When hiring an SEO guru, you need to ask several essential questions. It would help to request a list of past clients to get their perspective on the service provider.  Past clients will inform you of the SEO campaigns and how the freelancer in question handles projects. 

You might also want to ask your SEO specialist how they will improve your search engine rankings. Honest professionals will discuss the methods with you freely. An SEO expert should further review your site to know where to modify for better ranking.

Test Your Identified SEO Provider 

From a candidate’s resume, you’ll have an idea of the kind of results to expect. However, it would help if you ascertained that the person you’ll hire would deliver up to your expectations. There’s no better way to be confident in an SEO expert than seeing their skills in action. 

You can evaluate a freelancer through a small SEO test. One of the approaches you can take is requesting a candidate to assess your blog to identify and analyze the keywords that can help your rank. You can further ask them to review how your website ranks in SEMRush and approaches you can take to increase your organic traffic.  

A qualified SEO professional should explain the whole process and the results. From the test, you’ll gauge the candidate’s ability to follow instructions and their prowess in SEO. However, you need to budget for the test as a freelancer won’t handle any free project.

Be on the Lookout for Red Flags

Working with a freelancer presents a myriad of challenges You need to be aware of some warning signs, which can offer excellent guidance when looking for hiring an SEO specialist.

In the field of SEO, low prices could be a warning sign. SEO specialists value their skills, and for quality work, the charges have to be realistic.

SEO freelancers promising quick or cheap results should be treated with caution. While one can have the mastery of page optimization, it’s difficult to guarantee you that you’ll rank highly in Google results. Google has unpredictable algorithms that keep changing, and you can only put your best foot forward and hope for the best.

More importantly, avoid specialists that try to convince you that they will get you fast results. While your candidate can get the work done within a few days, results are unpredictable. You can’t tell how Google will respond to the SEO strategies used.

Final Interview and Hiring 

If you have confirmed that the candidate has skills and values that resonate with your project, it’s probably time to hire them officially. Ask questions and interview them in depth to know what you are bargaining for. 

You can inquire more about their experience, professional certifications, and their timelines for a typical project. Ask about the tools they use. It would also be great to know more about their interaction with social media. 

Inform the applicant how you’ll be communicating to be on the same page. The last thing you’d want is trying to reach the freelance worker in futility. 

Having a contract is recommendable as it will ensure that you have some binding rules that guide your engagement. 

Hiring an SEO Expert Can Be Challenging

The number of freelancers looking for SEO gigs is quite high. As such, you’ll get thousands of results when searching for an SEO expert. Separating the wheat from the chaff is where the struggle lies. 

Hiring an inexperienced SEO freelancer will harm your business. Some of the freelancer sites hardly conduct due diligence of applicants. You need to be keen not to end up with a freelancer who won’t meet your expectations.  

If you want to work with top-notch freelancers, the choice of site matters. FreeUp will give you access to vetted freelancers who are highly qualified in web development, digital marketing, and eCommerce, among other skills.  

Are you looking to hire an SEO freelancer? Contact us today to get an SEO expert to run your projects. 

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