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What Can A Freelance UX Designer Do For You?

  • UX Research

    Many of the decisions we make are not just plucked from thin air but are meticulously thought out, studied and researched.

  • Collaboration

    No man is an island. We work with different people whose skills complement our own.

  • Wireframing and UI Prototyping

    Used to wireframing and prototyping.

  • Visual Communication

    The heart of UX. We brushed up our UI design skills for creating assets, icons, presentations, etc.

  • Analytics

    Knowledgeable on numbers, percentages and ratios that helps us iterate better designs.

  • Communication skills

    Excellent level of communication in writing, online via digital channels, and verbally.

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Almost 90% of online shoppers won’t use a website a second time if they had a bad experience. About 44% of those customers even tell their friends about their experience, causing businesses to lose more customers.

Meanwhile, 80% of online businesses fail due to bad usability.

By improving the online user experience (UX), you can attract more customers and boost sales. Otherwise, you’ll end up falling behind your competitors.

You don’t have to go it alone! Here’s everything you need to consider when hiring UX designers. With this guide, you can hire the designers most capable of improving your site. Then, you can improve your business and outshine the competition.

Get started with this guide for finding the best UX designers today!

What Is a UX Designer?

UX web designers are responsible for improving how a website works and feels. They’ll explore different ways to improve your website with your target audience in mind.

Improving the website user’s online experience can help you keep visitors on your website. A longer dwell time and lower bounce rate will improve your search engine ranking. The higher you rank, the more people will see your website.

In addition to improving brand awareness, a higher ranking on search engines can also increase site visitors. Reaching the top of a search page can improve brand authority and credibility, too.

With that in mind, UX design is an important piece of any company’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Think about how your website visitors explore your content. If your site doesn’t look great or function properly, visitors will feel frustrated. They’ll leave your website without converting. 

A site that uses UX design trends, on the other hand, can increase traffic and engagement. By hiring UX designers, you can make sure your site works for you to accomplish your marketing goals.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

There are many different ways an experienced UX designer can improve your website.

For starters, a UX designer will improve the overall aesthetic of your website. Keeping your brand consistent across multiple platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Meanwhile, using a distinctive color palette can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.

When consumers recognize your brand on sight, you can leverage your existing brand trust to generate repeat sales.

However, color schemes and layouts are online one component of UX design.

White Space & Readability

It’s also important to declutter your website. Squeezing a ton of content above the fold will only overwhelm customers.

Instead, you’ll want to use white space to give your content room to breathe.

Meanwhile, make sure to use short paragraphs and sentences. You can also use bullet points and lists to improve readability. Long, chunky paragraphs, on the other hand, will exhaust your readers.

They might leave before reaching your call-to-action.

Try breaking your content apart with headers and subheaders as well. Improving readability will encourage visitors to stay, improving your search ranking.

Go Mobile

Mobile-optimization is an important factor when utilizing UX design trends, too. After all, more people are exploring websites while they’re on their mobile devices. If your content isn’t mobile-optimized, they might have a difficult time filling out forms or purchasing online.

By 2021, mobile e-commerce will account for 54% of all online sales.

Ease & Convenience

UX designers also make it easy for consumers to find what they’re looking for. If consumers have to search for too long, they might leave. Instead, UX design trends focus on providing consumers with ease and convenience.

Almost 40% of users will stop interacting with a site if it’s unattractive. Another 40% will stop engaging if pages or images take too long to load.

Don’t forget to improve your navigation. A UX designer will make sure consumers can explore your pages without digging around. Make your site easy to navigate by improving page hierarchy and adding search functionality to your site.

Otherwise, speed up your pages! Make sure your content loads quickly by using Google PageSpeed Insights to determine what’s slowing you down.

What to Look for in a Designer?

A well-designed user experience can yield conversion rates up to 400%. A complicated, messy website, on the other hand, can scare potential customers away.

Before hiring UX designers to improve your site, here are a few things to look for as you interview freelance candidates.


First, make sure to find a designer with plenty of experience under their belts. A designer with prior experience will know exactly how to update your website. Their experience will also save you valuable time.

Instead of questioning which updates to make, they’ll get started right away. The sooner they improve the UX design experience, the sooner you can attract new customers.

Familiarity With Trends

New UX design trends pop up all the time. You’re busy running your business; you don’t have time to keep up with those trends yourself. By hiring a qualified designer, you won’t have to!

Instead, look for a designer who is already familiar with the latest trends. They’ll keep your website up-to-date and ahead of the curve! Meanwhile, you’ll stand apart from competitors with a wow-worthy website.

A Strong Portfolio

Before hiring a designer, make sure to explore their portfolio. Take a look at the websites they’ve already designed. What stands out among the projects they’ve worked on?

Exploring a UX designer’s previous projects will tell you more about their capabilities.

Regular Maintenance

Remember, design trends change all the time. Before working with a UX designer, ask if they provide ongoing maintenance. You might need their help with new pages or campaigns.

For example, you can use your UX designer’s help as you make PPC campaign landing pages. As Google’s search algorithm changes, you’ll also need to adapt your site accordingly to improve your search ranking.

Happy Customers

Ask the UX designer you’re interested in if you can speak with their recent customers. Speak with those clients about their experience. Would they recommend that designer to another business owner?

Optimize the Experience: Everything You Need When Hiring UX Designers

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