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What Can A Freelance Youtube Editor Do For You?

  • Get Your Youtube Marketing Started

    Hire a Youtube Marketer to get your Youtube account started. Have them advise you on how to best use Youtube to reach your target audience.

  • Edit and Optimize Videos

    Hire a Youtube marketer to edit videos as you shoot them so that they are optimized form the Youtube platform.

  • Create a Video Content Calendar

    A Youtube marketer can create a video content calendar for you so that it is easier to create content on a normal basis.

  • Optimize for SEO Purposes

    Hire a Youtube marketer to optimize your videos for search engines on Google and Youtube so you gain organic traffic to your videos.

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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What Is a YouTube Editor?


A YouTube editor for hire is a video production editor who reviews audio and visual footage and organizes these clips into a final and cohesive audio-visual product to be published on YouTube. Primarily, it is their job to cut and connect various footage, add sound effects and graphics, and fine-tune the completed video using video editing software as well as optimize videos for YouTube. They work closely with clients to present a final product that matches the latter’s vision.

When you hire a video editor for YouTube, they typically handle general video editing tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Assembling raw footage and uploading it to a computer
  • Following a script or outline provided for the content they’re working on
  • Selecting music, sound effects, and laying down voice-overs to enhance footage
  • Adding graphics to enhance the quality and the narrative of the footage
  • Digitally splicing raw videos and synchronizing them
  • Improving lighting and coloring

In addition, they can also handle YouTube-specific tasks that can optimize your video content for the platform. This can include:

  • Advising you on YouTube marketing strategies that will allow you to reach your target audience more efficiently
  • Optimizing your videos for YouTube so that it reaches more people using strategies like using the right keywords, the right length of the video, using hashtags, selecting the right video category, using eye-catching thumbnails, adding closed captions and subtitles, optimizing the video description, and more
  • Creating a video content calendar so you can publish videos regularly
  • Optimizing your videos for SEO purposes so that they come up in search engine results pages whenever people search your keywords

Why Should You Hire a Youtube Editor?

Outsourcing a YouTube video editor is the perfect route to take when you want to have professional-level results without needing to hire someone full-time. This is a great option for business owners who need high-quality video content but don’t have the resources to have a  dedicated video editor on board just yet. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to reach out to a YouTube editor for hire:

  1. You can focus on your core business. If YouTube is just one part of your overall digital marketing strategy then outsourcing a video editor is a great option for you. You can focus on your core competencies and let a professional handle the nitty-gritty of YouTube video editing.
  2. You can save time and increase your output. When you hire a video editor for YouTube, the entire production process becomes smoother and faster. Their skills and experience allow them to create final products faster which can also help you publish more content.
  3. You can get professional-quality content. One of the things that YouTube video editors know by heart is how to pull in subscribers by producing high-quality footage. They can create polished and engaging videos that viewers will love.
  4. No Need to Invest in Software and Hardware. Outsourcing YouTube video editing means you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and software. These professionals already have the tools and the knowledge to use them properly. This way, you’ll only pay for what you need—top-notch editing and high-quality videos.

What Skills Does A YouTube Editor Have?

Meticulousness. A YouTube editor for hire pays great attention to detail. They are thorough and able to manage every detail during the video editing process.  They have a good eye for camera angles, special effects, continuity of motion, and synchronization of audio and visual elements.

Adaptability. During the editing process, unexpected issues can arise, so YouTube editors easily and quickly adjust their approach whenever it is needed. This allows them to consistently put out great content regardless of setbacks.

Self-Motivation. Just like any other freelancer, YouTube editors can keep themselves accountable since they must work alone. They have an internal drive to work efficiently, and they require little to no supervision as they fulfill their responsibilities.

Organizational Skills. Video editing and production require strong organizational skills. From properly labeling clips for easy access to using tags to ensuring backup files, YouTube editors need to make sure that all the components of their projects are well-organized.

Communication Skills. Being freelancers, YouTube video editors can effectively relay and receive information. They can communicate well both verbally and in written word.

Familiarity with Editing Programs. YouTube editors are knowledgeable in a wide range of editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Sony Vegas, and more.

YouTube Marketing. Since their videos are published on YouTube, they are adept at marketing strategies that bring in more subscribers and viewers.

Search Engine Optimization. YouTube editors also have at least a rudimentary understanding of SEO strategies that can help drive traffic to your videos.

How Much Do YouTube Editors Get Paid?

YouTube video editors typically earn between $34,500 and $55,000 per year in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In other countries, salaries for video editors may be much lower.

Meanwhile, hourly rates for freelance YouTube editors can range from $14 to $80 depending on the nature of the project and the budget of the client.

YouTube editor costs can also vary depending on factors such as:

  • The scope of the project. One of the major factors that determine the cost of video editing is the complexity of the project. Are the videos relatively short or are you looking at long-form videos? Do you require graphics, special effects, color grading, et cetera?
  • The type of video you require. Interviews, talking heads, and screen capture videos are easier and faster to edit which means they can be cheaper to produce. Meanwhile, conceptual content that requires planning, storyboarding, transitions, music, and other elements may take longer to produce and are therefore more expensive.
  • The expertise of the YouTube editor. Freelancers with more advanced skills will be able to produce better quality final products than their lower-tier counterparts. This level so expertise comes with a heftier price tag of course because they can do more than just stitching clips together.
  • Geography. The location of the YouTube editor also dictates how much they get paid. At FreeUp, you can get access to a talent pool that spans the globe. Note, however, that if they are located in a city or country with a higher cost of living, their rates are higher.

For more information on Virtual Assistant Rates, check out our pricing guide.

Where Can Remote YouTube Editors Be Located?

  • Philippines
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia

What YouTube editors Can Help With:

  • YouTube Marketing 
  • Edit and Optimize Videos
  • Create a Video Content Calendar
  • Optimize for SEO Purposes

Benefits of Hiring a YouTube editor on FreeUp

Infographic on Youtube Editor for Hire Benefits

The FreeUp marketplace is one of the best places to find YouTube managers for hire. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a YouTube editor on FreeUp:

  • Access to the Top 1%. Each week, our internal team recruits, interviews, and vets thousands of freelancers for skills, communication, and attitude. This rigorous screening process means we only let the top 1% into the platform.
  • Quick Hiring Process. At FreeUp, the hiring process takes days, not weeks or months. As soon as you post a job description on the marketplace, our team jumps on to look for a suitable candidate. You can meet them in 24 hours, set up a 15-20 minute meeting and you’re all set!
  • Concierge-Level Support. Our account managers are always here to help you figure out the next step in your hiring process. They can even help you determine the best way to execute your next project! We’re here to help you via phone, email, and live chat.
  • Hassle-Free Billing. The FreeUp dashboard allows you to manage all hours, billings, and future requests from your FreeUp account.
  • No Turnovers. At FreeUp, we’re dedicated to finding a freelance YouTube editor who will be your partner in fulfilling all your goals. In the rare case that a freelancer quits, our team will work to replace them immediately and cover applicable replacement costs.
  • Three levels of expertise. FreeUp freelancers are categorized according to levels of expertise including Entry Level, Mid-Level, and Expert Level. This means you can choose the right freelance YouTube editor that suits your needs.

Hourly vs. Fixed Rate YouTube Editors

When hiring YouTube editors on FreeUp, you typically have two payment options: paying hourly or paying a fixed rate.

Hourly rate YouTube editors are paid weekly at a rate that’s within a client’s budget. This ensures that freelancers are paid for all the time they spent working while clients only need to pay for hours worked.

It is generally better suited for people who are just joining the platform or freelancing in general since it is a low-barrier way to get started. It’s also great for brand new clients who are still testing the waters.

FreeUp’s dashboard makes it easier to track hours worked and bill clients correctly.

On the other hand, fixed-rate YouTube editors are paid on a per-project basis. It is often used by seasoned freelance writers with an established client base. Since they have a more extensive portfolio, clients may be more willing to go this route, especially for one-off projects.

For this payment option, clients and freelancers agree on a set fixed price before the project begins. The freelancer then submits a Fixed Price Proposal to you through their account which you can review and accept. The fixed price amount is then billed on the next billing period.

On FreeUp, freelancers have the option to ask clients for half of the total cost of the project before starting. The rest can be paid at the end of the project or after certain milestones.

Regardless of the payment option, FreeUp’s Accounting and Support Team can help both clients and freelancers should they encounter any issues while using the system

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