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Become A Part Of The FreeUp Partner Network

How It Works

FreeUp has 15,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs signed up to the FreeUp Marketplace.

FreeUp loves to partner with and promote other top level companies in the eCommerce, Amazon, and digital marketing spaces to further benefit the FreeUp community.

Gain access to the thousands of companies from all over the world in the FreeUp community and share FreeUp as a resource with your customers.

Team up on quarterly co-marketing activities:

➣ Blog article exchanges
➣ Newsletter blasts
➣ Referral programs
➣ Video content creation
➣ Special partner coupons

Who Do We Partner With?

FreeUp partners with companies large and small that take their partnerships seriously and have an audience that can benefit from the FreeUp marketplace.

Here's a few industries where partners have excelled:

○ Ecommerce software
○ Amazon software
○ Marketing software
○ Blogs & Publications
○ Online Courses
○ Masterminds
○ Conferences
○ Digital agencies

To Apply

Email [email protected] expressing your interest in becoming a FreeUp partner.

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