Outsourcing & Scaling with Nathan Hirsch

The Outsourcing & Scaling Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of the FreeeUp Marketplace, Nathan Hirsch. On the show, you’ll receive exclusive advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders in eCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, and digital marketing. Discover how you can bootstrap a business from the ground up without any outside funding and scale a team so you can stay focused on the growth of the business. From real life experiences to step-by-step processes and proven business systems, you’ll gain actionable tactics you need to scale a business that doesn’t depend on you. Learn about selling on Amazon, building a Shopify eCommerce business, optimizing Facebook ads, running a digital marketing agency, outsourcing to people all over the world, running a business completely remote, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, podcast marketing, content creation, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, financial management, company culture, web design, web development, customer service, and everything else you need to build an unforgettable online business.

Episode Blogs

OAS Basilico | Marketing Then And Now
  New technology and platforms have made marketing such an exciting industry of our age. Have you ever wondered how they did content marketing back in 1979? Let’s talk about marketing then and now with award-winning and an internationally-recognized author and speaker Brian Basilico. Brian is an online marketing strategist, and he shares the highlights of his career spanning almost four decades. Catch his tips on content management, defining your perfect customer, and using LinkedIn’s
OAS Carter | Event For Entrepreneurs
  When entrepreneurs reach a certain level of success and have made it in a humble way, they know what they need to get the most value. In this episode, Hollis Carter, the Co-Founder of The Baby Bathwater Institute, reveals what exactly entrepreneurs want when they go to events. He shares strategies on how to combine the best people with the best content to make an awesome event that is far from being a “conference.”
OAS Kemp | Lead Generation
  Lead generation is lifeblood to almost all businesses globally. That is why learning the best way to do it has become a necessity for most entrepreneurs. Thanks to amazing minds like Tyler Kemp, the CEO and Founder of LeadRoll.co, generating leads has become one step easier. With his knowledge, he shares his secrets on how he has been marketing for top producing salespeople as well as how he incorporates his hiring tactics and lets
OAS Michael | Amazon PPC
  With Amazon becoming a pay-to-play marketplace, Amazon PPC has become such a huge topic. Michael Zagare says there are so many benefits as long as you know what you’re doing on PPC. Michael is a serial entrepreneur, a recovering physical therapist, and the Founder of PPC Entourage. With his never ending quest for knowledge and everything Amazon, he loves sharing what he has learned to other sellers to guide them through their journey to
OAS Patrick | Video Reviews
  One of the premier platform for video reviews and video testimonials is VideoPeel, a company that helps brands grow conversion and sales by 80% plus. In this episode, host Nathan Hirsch interviews Patrick Tedjamulia, the CEO of VideoPeel. Before building VideoPeel, Patrick worked at Facebook, Google, General Mills and Procter & Gamble. He is passionate about helping consumers find the truth about products and services, and he talks about it in this episode. —
OAS Brett | Digital Marketing In eCommerce
  In this day and age, Google, Amazon, and YouTube still reign as kings in digital marketing. Someone whose insights on this area have helped over 100 growing brands, Brett Curry of OMG Commerce shares with us how bigger eCommerce sellers like these websites can drive businesses. He walks us through the process of building his agency and shares the way he structures it and hires the people for it. Brett also touches on leveraging
OAS Gregory | Core Team In Business
  A core team can be the foundation of a major business because this is where loyalty and trust stem from. Gregory Giagnocavo is an entrepreneur who loves buying businesses, scaling them within 30 months, selling them when it gets too big, and starting something new. With his method of doing business, Gregory believes that regardless of the entrepreneurial process you go through, one must have that core team as a foundation. He points out
OAS William | Hair Loss Solutions
    Hair loss is a global problem and people like William Gaunitz has found ways to correct and solve this issue. William is a certified trichologist who has been providing hair loss solutions since 2002 and is the Founder of Evolution Hair Loss Institute and Advanced Trichology. Explaining why people lose hair, he proves these reasons through the Gaunitz Trichology method. As William’s popularity grows, he also saw the need to grow his team
OAS Chase | Freelancer To Business Owner
  When you have two freelancers, one handling web dev and the other doing Facebook ads, you got the perfect formula for an eCommerce business. In this episode, Shopify expert Chase Clymer talks about his transition from being a solo freelancer to being a business owner. Chase shares his expert tips on how to start and own customer relationship with Shopify and reveals his method for hiring quality team members. He also talks about how

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