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What Can A Freelance Ghostwriter Do For You?

  • Content Creation

    Ghostwriters help you write literary or journalistic works, or any kind of texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

  • Drafting

    Taking a rough draft, editing it heavily, and expanding on it where necessary

  • Writing

    Professional freelance writer who produces high quality writing copy and so that the writing reads professionally.

  • Research

    Ghostwriters are best researchers. They research about the topic and interview individuals to gain more knowledge.

  • Adaptive

    Fast, flexible, and compelling. Ghostwriters from the marketplace can easily adapt to clients' needs.

  • Revisions and Editing

    Ghostwriters from the marketplace ensures overall quality. They can revise and edit the output as to your preference.

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4. Track Hours and Billing

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Did you know that there are 60 million freelancers in the US?

From digital marketers to graphic designers, there’s a freelancer for pretty much everything! There are plenty of benefits to hiring freelancers too, from not having to cover sick pay to hiring skilled talent for one-off jobs. 

One of the lesser-known roles in the world of freelance is the ghostwriter. It’s a profession that can be used for both business and personal needs, but what exactly is it?

We’re here to bust the case wide open with our complete guide to what a freelancer is and how to choose your own.  

What is a Ghostwriter?

Wondering what do ghostwriters do? isn’t an uncommon question. They’re actually a type of writer who’s looking for no credit for the work they do other than being paid. They’ll write what you need for a fee and then you can do whatever you want with it, including putting your own name on the work. 

You can find ghostwriters for a range of purposes, from whole novels to business blogs that you can put under your name. Celebrities have been known to use ghostwriters to write their books for them when they’re lacking in the skills they need, and a lot of informative websites have ghostwriters writing their blogs and copy. They can also write adverts, scripts, and pretty much anything you can think of that involves words!

If a professional writer that wants no credit for their work is exactly what you’re looking for, let’s take a look at how to best to hire one. 

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

If you’re looking to get a ghostwriter to write for you, it’s important you hire the right person. Here are some tips for finding your perfect match. 

1. What Skills Are You Looking For?

The first step to finding the right freelance ghostwriter is to outline exactly what you need. Consider the type of writing you need, the length you’re looking for, and the tone of voice you’d like it to be written in. By knowing what you want, it’ll become a lot easier to filter candidates who don’t meet the mark!

It’ll also help the right ghostwriters find you if you’re posting a job description. The more detail you can offer on your project the better, including the timeframe it needs to be completed in.

2. Interviewing a Ghostwriter

Once you’ve got a few ghostwriters for hire on your radar, it’s time to start interviewing them. For the first impression of their writing skills, send them a list of questions over email or a messaging service. You can judge the quality of their grammar, punctuation, and overall capability by their response. 

It’s important to look at a few things in your initial correspondence including how quickly they reply and how professionally they come across. If you’re going to be working closely with them on a large project, it’s also important you get along with them as a person. 

3. Check Out Past Reviews

Ask your ghostwriters for testimonials from past customers. This is a great way to learn a bit more about their experience and whether or not they’re up to the task. 

You should also do a quick Google search of their name or their business name to see if any reviews come up. If they have social media pages like Facebook, there might also be reviews and feedback on these, so be sure to take a look! Any negative reviews should be a warning sign and it’s usually best to move onto the next candidate. 

4. Ask for Examples of Their Writing

Ghostwriters probably won’t be able to share past client work as they will have given up their rights to it, but they may have other writing they can share so be sure to ask. It’s important you know what their writing style and competency is like before you hire them.

If they don’t have any past examples, ask for a quick sample piece. This only has to be a few hundred words and should be based around the work you need doing. For example, if you need blogs about technology, ask for a few hundred words on the latest Apple update. 

5. How Much Should I Pay? 

Rates of freelancers can vary quite a lot. The first thing to take into consideration is your own budget, which you should know before you start hunting for a ghostwriter. Now you can either let your potential ghostwriter know your project budget upfront or first ask what their fees are, either in relation to wordcount or hourly rate. 

The average rate of a ghostwriter is $15-$30 an hour. Remember, this is skilled work with absolutely no credit, so don’t be too stingy with how much you’re willing to pay!

6. How to Find Ghostwriters?

If you’re wondering how to find ghostwriters, there are a few different routes you can take. You could put out a call on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, ask your network for recommendations, or check out sites like FreeUp that connect freelancers with the people who need them.

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Now we’ve answered what is a ghostwriter? why you might need one, and how to find the right writer for you, it’s time to get searching! If you don’t want to waste time hunting high and low for a professional, use FreeUp. You can find the level of expertise you need to fit your budget, making your next hire the easiest you’ve ever made. 

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