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What Can A Freelance Marketing Consultant Do For You?

  • Goal Oriented

    Understands the "Why" and has a clear line of sight as to the purpose and expectation.

  • Understands Strategy vs. Tactics

    Understands the difference between strategy and tactics and ensures the “why” is present in all directives to contribute to more successful engagements.

  • Ability to Listen and Empathize

    The ability to listen and learn the current situation, goals and troubles involved as well as the ability to empathize with both the brand marketer and the customers they’re trying to reach.

  • Able to Prioritize

    Focus on what can be implemented and what can have the most impact (short and long term) are good guidelines to go by.

  • Leadership Skills

    Inspires confidence and drives progress.

  • MS Office Pro

    Strong Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce and Microsoft Office skills.

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Are you a business owner that is realizing you need some external help when it comes to your marketing needs? If you’re looking for professional assistance, hiring a marketing consultant could be a great solution. 

What is a marketing consultant? Keep reading to find out more about what a marketing consultant does, and how they can help your business to see if this is the solution your business needs. 

What Is a Marketing Consultant? 

A marketing consultant is someone that a business will hire externally to assist with a company’s marketing needs. The consultant will work with the company to figure out how to achieve certain goals, such as generating leads and driving traffic. They will often use skills from their previous experience to create ideas that can help generate more revenue for the company they are working with. 

Often, the companies that hire a marketing consultant already have a clearly defined business model in place as well as a proven product. These companies may have a clearly defined issue they need help with or are looking for an expert to grow their company. 

A marketing consultant usually has specialized expertise and knowledge in the business field. They can help fix or boost your current marketing practices. Some marketing consultants work within a niche industry to formulate a specialized marketing strategy. 

There are different kinds of marketing consultants. Some may specialize in SEO, while others may focus on social media.

All in all, they will consult on your current marketing efforts, evaluating them to make suggestions, implement new marketing campaigns, or suggest new marketing content. 

Why and How You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant 

Do you find that while growing your company and overseeing its internal processes, you don’t have time to focus on marketing strategies?

Hiring a marketing consultant can help. These professionals are up to date with the latest and most important marketing tools out there.

A marketing consultant will help to give your company an individualized marketing plan. They will work to make sure you’re standing out from competitors and boosting profits. 

If you currently have a marketing plan, but you’re not seeing the results you want, it may be time to hire an expert. Hiring a freelance marketing consultant can also help companies who don’t have the money to bring on a full-time marketing staff.

When hiring a marketing consultant, there are some key questions you should keep in mind to make sure you’re finding the right fit for your business.

Are They up to Date on the Latest Trends? 

The marketing field is rapidly changing. For this reason, you will want to make sure that the marketing consultant you hire is up to date with, or even ahead of, recent marketing trends. To stay ahead of competitors, you want to be sure that your marketing consultant is utilizing the latest tools to boost your brand.

A great consultant will be aware of these trends and will help you understand them. They will put your company in the context of the current market to help you figure out where your marketing budget will be best spent. They will take your audience into consideration to find the best marketing platforms you can use to reach them. 

Do They Work With Companies Similar to Yours?

If a marketing consultant specializes in your industry or has worked with companies that are similar to yours, you can feel safe knowing they already have an understanding of your field.

If a consultant has had similar clients to you, ask if you can see some of the work they’ve done for them. This will show you how prepared the consultant is to begin working with you and what kind of ideas they bring to the table.

When looking at or talking over work that they’ve done with others in your field, consider highlighting things you like. Additionally, note things you see that you’d like to avoid in your own marketing plan.  

You can also ask if the consultant has any referrals or customer testimonials. Calling other companies the consultant has worked with can give you some insight into whether or not a consultant is the right fit for your brand.

Ask their other clients how their experience when working with the consultant. Also, ask whether or not they saw results after their consultations. 

Are They Asking the Right Questions?

Remember, although you’re the one hiring, you should also keep your ears peeled to the questions a consultant is asking you upfront.

A consultant should be asking you tons of useful questions about your business and marketing goals. This will help them make sure they are able to offer you a solution. A good marketing consultant will ask questions about your customers and your current marketing methods. 

Make sure that a consultant is asking questions that are results-oriented. Through asking these questions, a successful consultant will work to familiarize themselves with your company. They will need a deep understanding of your current marketing strategies, as well as your brand voice. 

It may be a good idea to come to an initial meeting with a marketing consultant with prepared materials. If you’ve already dabbled in trackable marketing efforts, bring evidence and materials to show your progress or results.

This can give the consultant a better understanding of your efforts. It will also allow them a jump-start on how to improve your marketing strategy. 

Hire a Marketing Consultant Today 

If you need professional help when it comes to finding the best marketing strategies for your company, a marketing consultant can help.

Now that you know the answer to “What is a marketing consultant?” as well as what they do and how to hire one, you can find an expert in this field today. 

Are you ready to get started with a marketing consultant? Hire a freelancer to help you take your business to the next level.

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