Freelancing Means

It Does Hurt to Try: Freelancing Means Doing Only What You Do Best

There is a common myth that it doesn’t hurt to try. But as far as freelancing is concerned, this myth holds next to no value. The world of freelancing is wide, vast, and full of opportunities to earn, learn, and grow. But often, success in freelancing means taking on only the clients and projects that you’re well-equipped to complete at the highest quality. It can be difficult to stay disciplined in the beginning, but it’s worth […]

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freelance invoice template

Essential Steps for a Freelancer to Become an Entrepreneur

More and more often, savvy workers are saying goodbye to the standard 9-5 drudgery. They are replacing demanding bosses, stuffy suits, long commutes, and office politics with something much more rewarding. In addition to this, they recognize that the job market is changing quickly. Jobs available today didn’t exist a decade ago. At the same time, other jobs are becoming redundant. One area that is booming isn’t in a specific industry or profession. Rather, it’s […]

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US Freelance Accounting and Legal Information

The following is a list of resources on freelance accounting and legal information for business owners. The legalities of doing business can be very confusing to the uninitiated. When you’re running a business for the first time, just the requirements and paperwork to get set up can be overwhelming. Because it all seems so unfamiliar and complex, it can sometimes be enough to make you give up doing business before you even begin. Maybe you’ve […]

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scaling agency to 7 figures

4 Pro Ways to Build Passive Income into Your Freelance Business

Generating passive income as a freelancer is inherently complicated. Why? Because freelancing, at its core, is built around trading money for completed hours or tasks. It’s one of the most simple business models around—which is probably why it has lasted so long. You do work for a client. The client pays you. It’s easy, clean, simple, and has provided millions of people with a sustainable business and flexible lifestyle. But some freelancers, after spending a […]

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Freelance Successfully

5 Soft Skills You Need to Freelance Successfully

  You may think that you can freelance successfully if you have marketable hard skills. The truth is, however, that you need the right soft skills to make it. It’s all about a few key skills and all the behaviors that stem from them. This post is designed to help you identify those soft skills so you can freelance successfully on FreeUp or anywhere else you choose to build your business. Why FreeUp? First off, […]

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freelance portfolio website

9 Ways to Improve Digital Freelance Portfolios

  Digital freelance portfolios are amazing tools that help freelancers stand out from the crowd. Even if you feel you’re one of the best at what you do, nobody will know it unless you have real evidence you can share with potential clients. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers find it challenging to navigate through a crowded industry.  It can be difficult trying to get the right clients while also marketing a product or service. When trying […]

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freelancing successfully attitude

What is the Right Attitude for Freelancing Successfully?

  Freelancing successfully is possible for anyone who has the right stuff. The question is what that stuff is, and how you can have it. It all hinges on the attitude that you nurture in your professional life. This post is designed to help you identify the right attitude to freelance successfully on FreeUp – or any other marketplace, and even offline, for that matter. You may also be asking where this information comes from, and […]

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holiday freelance tips

23 Holiday Freelance Tips to Keep Clients Happy

  Everyone can use some holiday freelance tips to get them through this busiest season of the year.  With all the festivities and family gatherings to deal with, things can become toxic. It’s difficult to balance all that with work, especially for freelancers who can’t get away because they work from home. With a number of projects to juggle and a handful of clients to satisfy, things can easily go out of hand if you’re not […]

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upwork fees

UpWork Fees Increase | Here’s 15 Freelancing Alternatives

  The recent increase in UpWork fees has urged some remote professionals to look for freelancing alternatives. On top of the 20% service fee for every project they complete, freelancers now have to pay an additional price to apply to listings. Freelancers have voiced different opinions about the new changes.  There’s a good reason behind every decision, especially for a large and well-known company like UpWork. Whether you are an active, returning, or new member […]

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