Goodbye, E (And The Future Of FreeUp!)

Today turns a new leaf in the history of the company with a move to a new name, a new domain, and a new future for FreeUp. You’ll notice that we now have moved from to, and we’ve dropped the third ‘e’ from the name. In addition to the name change, this marks a new chapter in the history of the company, a turning point, to a whole new future of what FreeUp […]

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FreeeUp Has Been Acquired by The HOTH

Hey everyone! Today marks an extremely exciting day for the FreeeUp Marketplace as it has been acquired by The HOTH. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we’ve put together answers to some common questions that you may have about the sale of FreeeUp and how it may impact you going forward. In addition, we’ve put together a video that you can view here: As a company, FreeeUp is committed to upholding the […]

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Online Hiring 101: Finding, Interviewing, and Vetting Online Freelancers

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another week of the Online Hiring 101 video series brought to you exclusively by This week, Nathan is going to be talking all about how to recruit, interview, and hire online freelancers for your growing online business. In the video, Nathan will break down what it takes to properly identify the freelancer you are looking for, create an interview process that vets out the bad freelancers, and hire the […]

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better Amazon seller

BQool: Simple Keyword Tips to Make You a Better Amazon Seller

  This article about the keyword tips that will make you a better Amazon seller is one of our guest posts on the BQool blog. The article gives us tips on dealing with keywords that anyone can use to become a better Amazon seller.  To be a better Amazon seller, your keywords should be more than just what you insert into your Amazon listings. You should, of course, have a first-class product listing that offers outstanding […]

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Virtual Assistant Myths

Jordan Malik: Virtual Assistant Myths

  This post about virtual assistant myths on Jordan Malik’s blog clears up the misconceptions we have about VAs. The article focuses on the commonly misrepresented Philippine worker and the virtual assistant myths that give these people a bad name.  Jordan talks about his experiences working with several virtual assistants (VAs) on his businesses over the years. 3 out of 4 of the VAs he’s hired are in the Philippines, and so he has special insight on how […]

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Virtual Assistants Can Help

Jordan Malik: 5 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Amazon or eBay Business

  FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan writes about how virtual assistants can help your Amazon or eBay business on Jordan Malik’s blog.   The article shares Connor’s insights on using VAs in business. Connor is a serial entrepreneur who has had years of hiring experience. He built a group of about 60 workers for his first business, an Amazon store. Connor knows that selling products on Amazon or eBay can be very advantageous. It is easy to get set […]

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outsource marketing

Notagrouch: Proven Steps to Outsource Marketing to Reliable Freelancers

Wade Harman guested on the Notagrouch Online Marketing blog with a post on how you can outsource marketing to reliable freelancers. The article gives pointers on how to effectively outsource marketing so that you can free up your time and allow your business to grow. As a business owner, you’re probably wearing a lot of hats. When you’re having trouble keeping up with all these roles and the growing demands of your business, it can be […]

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start using online workers

Money Inc: How to Start Using Online Talent for your eCommerce Company

  This article on Money Inc is about how you can start using online talent for your eCommerce company. The article gives us tips to start using online talent so you can focus on growing your business. Have you ever found yourself so deep in your eCommerce company that all you can seem to do is stay afloat? Are you not growing because you’re so busy handling all the day-to-day operations? Your work is awesome, […]

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starting and growing an eCommerce business

The How of Business Podcast: Nathan Hirsch Interview – Starting and Growing an eCommerce Business

  FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch talks about starting and growing an eCommerce business on The How of Business podcast with David Begin and Henry Lopez. This 82nd episode is an interview with Nathan Hirsch the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Nathan shares his experience as an entrepreneur starting and growing an eCommerce business from starting his first business in college up to his current enterprise, FreeeUp. About Nathan Nate is the CEO of, a unique remote hiring marketplace, and […]

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