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eCommerce Skills For Hire

Find a pre-vetted freelancer for any task within your eCommerce business.

Hire top level Amazon customer service specialists with years of experience.
Looking for new products to sell online? Hire a product sourcing freelancer to regularly find you home runs.
Don’t spend all your time managing inventory. Hire a freelancer to handle it for you.
Having Amazon listing issues? We have freelancers that can help.
Too busy to fulfill hundreds of orders every day? We can help take it off your plate.
Need help building, running, or growing your Shopify store? Find Shopify experts on FreeUp.
No matter which business model you’re using, there’s a freelancer to help.
Struggling to convert traffic to sales? Worry no more!

All Ecommerce Marketplaces

Walmart? Newegg? Jet? Sears? Rakuten? We have freelancers for that.

How to Start Hiring Ecommerce Specialists

You can meet and hire a qualified, pre-vetted freelancer within 1 day with FreeUp.

1. Create An Account

Sign up to join the FreeUp community for free. Gain immediate access to top tier eCommerce freelancers.

2. Request A Freelancer

Submit a request for the eCommerce freelancer you need. We'll introduce you to a match within 1 business day.

3. Hire A Freelancer

Interview the freelancer for 15-20 minutes. Hire the best eCommerce specialist for your business.

4. Track Hours and Billing

Reviews hours billed by freelancers and pay every Thursday using ACH or credit card.

Why Hire With FreeUp?

Endorsed By Ecommerce Leaders

Ben Cummings, Steve Voelker, Chad Rubin, Damien Coughlan, Liran Hirschkorn, Norman Farrar, and Jeff Cohen are eCommerce leaders. They along with plenty of other eCommerce influencers recommend FreeUp to their eCommerce communities.

Immediate Access To The Top 1%

FreeUp interviews hundreds of freelancers every week for skills, attitude, and communication then only allows the top 1% into the network. You don’t have to worry about vetting any longer for your eCommerce business!
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Chad Rubin, CEO of Skubana, loves using FreeUp for his hiring needs.

Ben Cummings, a leading eCommerce coach, calls FreeUp "the greatest source of pre-trained Amazon Seller Central talent."

Fast And Hands On Experience

Create a free account within minutes. Request the freelancer you need and get introduced to 1 top match within 1 business day. Reach out to the CEO, Nathan, or his all star team of assistants any time.

Hundreds of Ecommerce Freelancers

Once you’ve created your account, you gain immediate access to hundreds of freelancers ready to grow your eCommerce business that have already been vetted for skills, communication, and attitude. It’s an endless source of top eCommerce talent.

The No Turnover Guarantee

In the rare case that a freelancer quits during a project, FreeUp will replace the freelancer within 1 business day and cover any replacement costs. FreeUp doesn’t want you to take any steps backward with your eCommerce business.

Free Recruitment Service

If you ever have a skill set that FreeUp doesn’t have in the network (this is rare!), FreeUp will recruit, interview, and vet for the freelancer for free. If any make it through the FreeUp vetting process, you’ll be introduced to them with no obligation to hire.

Norman Farrar, an eCommerce expert, uses FreeUp for his hiring needs and encourages all eCommerce entrepreneurs to do the same.

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