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    Don’t worry about all the content needed for your site. Hire a copywriting freelancer who will understand your goals and write content that directs customers towards using your business.

  • Improve Or Create Product Listings

    Want higher conversions on your product listings? Find a copywriting freelancer from FreeUp that has experience building out high converting product listings for other eCommerce companies.

  • Write Sales Funnels & Videos

    Find and hire a copywriting freelancer to create all content for your sales funnels. Turn those leads into paying customers!

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Small business owners wear a lot of hats. There’s the accounting hat, the HR hat, and don’t forget about the copywriting hat. How can small business owners free up some time? 

Easy, hire a copywriter! Hiring a copywriter allows a marketing professional to handle the writing for you and frees up time so you to wear a different hat. 

Never hired a copywriter before? Don’t sweat it! This article will give you 7 tips for hiring a copywriter for your small business. 

1. Think About Your Needs

First, think about the kind of tasks for copywriters that your business needs to have completed. Are you looking for a copywriter that writes digital copy for websites or social media content? Or are you looking for a copywriter who can write persuasive email campaigns

Whatever your needs, it is a good idea to identify them before you begin looking for a copywriter. This will help you determine which copywriter will be the best choice for the job. 

You can even hire one copywriter who has a lot of experience in email campaigns to write your emails and another copywriter who has more digital experience to help you with your PPC ads.

 2. Determine the Deliverables

After you took the time to think about your needs go ahead and write down the deliverables you are looking for a copywriter to deliver to you. This could be an email campaign, landing page copy, an ebook – whatever you are looking to have done. 

As we discussed previously most copywriters specialize in a certain area. You’ll need to let the copywriter know what deliverables and how many you are looking for upfront so they can quote you a price for the job.

Freelance copywriter costs vary depending on the amount of experience the writer has, but it may also depend on the number of deliverables you need.

When you are interviewing potential copywriters tell them about the deliverables you need and ask for a written proposal. Some proposals break down the cost of each specific deliverable if you have more than one in your project. This shows you exactly where your money is being spent. 

3. Select the Amount of Experience

Speaking of costs one way to help keep the project cost down is to hire a copywriter who has the experience needed for the job, but is not an expert. 

For example, if you are looking for a copywriter to write blogs for your company website you need a copywriter who has experience with content but you don’t need a copywriter who is a technical writer. Hire for what you need. 

Not every project needs the best copywriter available. Unless you don’t mind paying the price to hire the best copywriter available. In that case, by all means, go ahead and hire the best. 

Most small businesses can get away with hiring a copywriter who is a strong writer and has enough experience to get the job done. 

When you find a great copywriter like this you need to keep them. You never know when another job will pop up and you’ll be needing a strong copywriter, so hang onto their contact info. 

If your business has a team of copywriters working for it make sure you hire a copywriter who has experience working with teams. A lot of copywriters tend to work by themselves.

Ask about experiences they may have working on copywriting teams to make sure they can be a team player. 

4. Be Clear About Expectations

This one is important. When you hire a freelance copywriter, you’re the boss. You need to be very clear about your deadlines and expectations for the project. It is always best to put these in writing up front so there is absolutely no confusion. 

When hiring a copywriter set the deadline about two days before the last day you need to have the project completed by. Why? Because sometimes delays happen. It isn’t always the copywriter’s fault. If you get in a pickle having that extra cushion of time can really help out.

5. Ask to See Their Portfolio

Always ask for a sample or if you can see the writer’s previous work before you hire them. These days most copywriters have a website and a blog where you can view some of their work. 

Make sure you like their writing style. Chances are these samples are a reflection of what will be provided to you. Look for a copywriter who has done work for companies in your industry or pieces that are similar to what you are looking for. 

You can also ask them if they have any client testimonials. Client testimonials can give you an inside look at what it will be like to work with the copywriter. 

6. Ask Them Questions

Go ahead and interview your freelance copywriter. It is important to get to know who you will be working with. If the only contact you have had with them is through email, pick up the phone and give them a call. 

If you can, grab a cup of coffee with them if you live in the same city. The human element is important when making a decision on hiring a copywriter. 

Ask them how they got into writing copy. Ask if they have a specialty or if there are any jobs they dislike writing. Tell them about your company and a little bit about what you’re looking for. 

Did they show up on time for your meeting? Are they taking notes when you speak? These little things are important. 

7. Use a Copywriting Concierge Service

What’s the best way to hire a copywriter? Use FreeUp! 

FreeUp is a copywriting concierge service for small business owners. Save time and money. With FreeUp you won’t have to sift through hundreds of resumes or post expensive online ads. FreeUp has tons of excellent copywriters available to hire all in one place. 

Easily sort through copywriters based on experience level and expertise until you find the perfect writer for your job. 

FreeUp Makes Hiring a Copywriter is Easy 

You wouldn’t fix your business’s pipes or electrical problems. You’re not a plumber. (Unless that is your business!) So why would you try to write your own copy? 

Hiring a copywriter for your small business has never been easier. Log on to create a free account today and put your business owner hat back on. 

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