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Have you ever tried hiring online freelancers before? If you have, then you understand the importance and value they can bring when you and the freelancer connect with the same vision. If you haven’t, you are truly missing out on an opportunity to grow your business at a faster, more productive rate.

You have a business. You want your business to succeed. However, there’s a couple of decisions you should make in order to take the correct route to success. Many times, entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to shoulder each and every responsibility of their business themselves. In doing so, you as a business owner can spread yourself too thin and make more mistakes. As a result, your audience, not to mention your brand, suffers.

In this article, I want to discuss the important advantages of hiring freelance freelancers instead of in-house employees at your company. They are forward-thinking and will revolutionize the way you run your company. Isn’t it time to hire freelancers you can trust? This is how to help your company move forward into this ever-changing internet world of business.

Let’s begin…

#1 – Specialized Skills

You should start hiring online freelancers for the specialized skills they bring to the table. In-house employees can have specialized skills, too. The difference is that it is harder to find one in your area.

Each freelancer is equipped with specific expertise which you can pinpoint for an exact task. This helps your business in terms of budgeting. You will not need to spend more to set up someone, and it can take several months to get the hang of a certain task. The freelancer has already been there and done that and will bring a powerhouse result in a short amount of time for you.

You don’t want someone who is an expert in social marketing to be coding the backend of your WordPress website. That’s silly! When you start hiring online freelancers, you have all of these choices in front of you to explore. You now have the opportunity to expand your business by pinpointing the best person for the task.

#2 – Specialized Equipment

Each specialized skill you add as you hire online freelancers brings more knowledge and expertise to the table. They also bring the specialized equipment and tools needed to complete the project.

More often than not, an expert will already be well-versed in whatever you’re wanting them to do. They will also have experience working with the tools which help them create a perfect result for you.

#3 – Completes Tasks Quickly

Online freelancers are always motivated to complete each and every task you give them quickly and efficiently. They are great for deadlines. In addition, you can hire someone who is an expert in their industry. There’s no better person to trust when it comes down to the line like this.

With in-house employees, office politics plays a huge role in productivity. The freelancer probably works from home or some other remote workstation. They don’t have time to play in these games of office politics that slow in-house staff down so much.

#4 – Online Freelancers are Flexible

This is one of the best aspects of the freelancer. They are flexible and work in a world where it’s not uncommon to have many clients. They are therefore used to the different hours set by these various clients.

Their flexibility can benefit you as well. While you could be done for the day, a remote freelancer could still be up writing an amazing article for your brand. On that note, one downside of the employee is when quitting time comes, you probably can’t expect anything else out of them for the day. However, hiring online freelancers can be a great relief when you set their responsibilities for the day in advance. You can go rest and wake up to everything well done because this is not uncommon in their line of work.

Usually, a freelancer will have clients spread out across a lot of different continents. Their flexibility has to be a fine-tuned instrument in order to accommodate the needs of many businesses like yours.

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#5 – Build Your Own Group

A great aspect of hiring online freelancers is how you can hire specific experts. They bring their specific expertise to a certain task so that you won’t have to find, hire, and onboard someone to do it in-house for you.

If a special task needs to be done, hiring online freelancers fits perfectly for whatever hours you need. Having said this, you can choose to hire them for a one time project or bring them on for long term work. However you decide to complete this task, a freelancer is always the best choice. The freelancer allows you flexibility to pick and choose. You get to hire the people and hours that are perfect for your needs.

Using freelancers in this aspect of your business allows you the freedom to pick and choose the best person for a certain task. Some entrepreneurs may think having a ‘jack of all trades’ type employee is the route to take. However, having different options within the freelancer pool is going to suit your needs better. It will be kinder on the budget as well.

Knowing this, you can build a group of freelancers based on the needs of your company. You will not have to worry about whether or not “Jack” is going to get all the work done for you today – and done well.

#6 – Affordability For You

An online freelancer can meet your expectations, but what about cost? Remote hiring doesn’t have to mean high overhead. Most businesses suffer these huge costs because they aren’t hiring online freelancers. They have to pay full-time employees to get the quality they want. With hiring online freelancers, you can get the cream of the crop and still pay affordable rates.

The market is competitive within the freelance community of online freelancers. You can get a great freelancer with great experience for a good price. Hand to hand comparison, an expert freelancer is worth their weight in gold against the in-house employee even for this reason alone.

Other benefits like health care, insurance, etc., are met by the freelancer themselves which can come at a high price to businesses who have employees on the payroll. Not to mention the money you will save in onboarding a new employee to do a task. As mentioned, the freelancer already comes equipped in that money saving area as well.

#7 – They Are Independent

In hiring an in-house employee, you must monitor the productivity against the time spent. Every minute is precious and you want to make sure they are being productive. However, you can’t micro-manage to the point where it makes you crazy.

This is what makes freelancers stand out from in-house employees.

Freelancers are already accustomed to working by themselves. They can contribute to the company’s bottom line without having the need for lots of meetings or strategy sessions.

With hiring remote freelancers, you can have one good sit down with them to see the vision of what you expect from them. Then they can take it from there. This is one of the great things about freelancers, you don’t have to manage them constantly because they already know the deal.

#8 – Future Availability

An online freelancer is there when you need them. Got a one day task? A 4 month project? No problem.

Hiring online freelancers is a great option for the long term. You can send over what you need done whenever it crops up. They will then complete it when you need them to. So you vet a remote freelancer and send them their first task. Once they complete it to your liking, they are always there in the future. When you need a go-to source for getting a special task done, you don’t have to go far.

This allows you to budget your time and money within your company. Use the remote freelancer only when you need them. Having said that, online freelancers are always eager and ready to go when you DO need them because it’s what they do.

Think of it like this – you are the client, and you already understand how you personally treat your clients within your company. This is what they want to do for you. A good remote freelancer will always be there when you need them ready to complete the next responsibility.

#9 – More Innovative

The remote hiring process is so competitive. Freelancers therefore have to stay up to date. One example is cutting edge strategies and technologies. This challenge requires them to work smarter and faster.

They can also provide your business with innovative and forward-thinking ideas which you might not know about yet. Their experience allows you to get valuable feedback. This can challenge you and motivate them. It also allows you to continually encouraged to engage to push your business forward.

#10 – Make Your Business Run Around The Clock

One disadvantage you have with in-house employees is fixed time. When 5 o’clock comes, they’re done for the day. When you hire remote freelancers, you could have your business running around the clock. All that is needed is to find multiple experts. With freelancers in different time zones around the globe, you can achieve this result.

In Conclusion

There are many advantages to hiring online freelancers instead of regular employees. However, you have to ask yourself this question: Do you want your business to evolve? To run 100% without you?

Any successful entrepreneur wants to be able to create success in their company. Using freelancers is one sure way to make that happen.

Have you ever used a freelancer before? What were your results? I’m sure everyone will want to hear about it in the comments.


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