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Connor Gillivan, our CMO and best-selling author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrapping Million Dollar Companies, was a guest on the eCommerce Master Plan podcast with Chloe Thomas this past week. 

FreeeUp partnered with eCommerce Master Plan last month, and Connor was excited to share his experiences growing into a successful entrepreneur from college through to the present. Chloe has a good community of online sellers to whom Connor was able to provide valuable insights on becoming an eCommerce master and streamlining businesses with proper strategy and marketing.

For years, Connor has nursed a passion for sharing knowledge that will help people build their own businesses and lead more fulfilling lives. He has combined this passion with his fire for spotting eCommerce opportunities, which sparked when he and Nathan Hirsch founded Portlight, their million-dollar Amazon store.

In this podcast episode, Connor shares his journey to becoming an eCommerce master and the tips that he has picked up along the way about:

  • Embracing and being on the lookout for opportunities to test and figure out what works best in the business
  • Taking advantage of available tools that can make workers more efficient
  • Doing your due diligence to find your niche and focus on building out and up from there

Connor also talks about the different challenges that he faced early on, challenges that each business owner will have to face on their way to becoming an eCommerce master in their own right. Connor shares his stories now as an eCommerce master and sheds light on dealing with unreliable suppliers, handling the competition, juggling product data and optimizing listings, providing a stellar customer experience, and managing a remote workforce.

Click here to listen to the full eCommerce Master Plan episode on to learn more from what Connor has to say about starting up on Amazon, the growing pains of eCommerce startups, and expanding into new opportunity areas. You can also read some of the key points on the page and check out the MasterPlan World FreeeUp deal.


2 thoughts on “eCommerce Master Plan podcast: Streamlining Your eCommerce Business with Connor Gillivan

  1. Thank you for the tips man! Doing your due diligence to find your niche and focus on building out and up from there, really makes sense.

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