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We are proud to have been featured in a recent KlientSolutech article this past week!

FreeeUp is a growing online freelancing platform for hiring remote workers. The unique principle behind what makes FreeeUp so great is that clients can save a lot of time hiring, and also get reliable workers. Hiring people remotely can consume your most productive time, leaving you ragged and unable to grow your business. FreeeUp is becoming a favorite place for big companies and solo entrepreneurs alike to hire the best people in less time. Another key point about this upcoming platform is the reasonable cost for skilled and vetted workers. Businesses of all sizes can put more resources into growth and expansion as they work with highly capable remote freelancers for less.

If you’re unsatisfied with the existing online hiring platforms, you should try using FreeeUp. You will see a remarkable difference in the quality of workers that you will find there. FreeeUp has already interviewed the freelancers. They are manually pre-vetted for experience.

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