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Wade Harman guested on the Hire Smart VAs blog with a post on VA interview questions that can make all the difference in your hiring choices.

The article gives us 10 VA Interview questions that every business owner must ask to vet workers and test for the right fit.

When a business starts growing, your responsibilities within it with grow as well. You can either choose to spend all your time trying to keep up with the demands of your business, or realize that you need help. You can continue to do everything yourself, or take some tasks off your plate so that you can make room for the most important work. Only you are in the best position to continue to help your business grow, so you will probably choose to hire a few people to pass off lower level tasks to.

It’s hard to find great workers with the skillsets you need who are also a perfect fit for your company culture. You can go through one VA interview after another and have nothing to show for it but a big headache and a bunch of time wasted. Growth is an exciting time for your company, but VA interview failures can suck all the joy out of it. It also makes you feel less and less comfortable handing the reins over as you go from one awful VA interview experience to the next.

This article talk about using the following carefully crafted VA interview questions to streamline the process. Using these questions will help you to make sure that the assistants you hire are truly qualified to work for you and are right for the task.

#1 – What do you consider your core skills and services?

#2 – How do you manage relationships with difficult clients?

#3 – Where do you see yourself within this company in 5 years?

#4 – Can you work the hours I need?

#5 – Do you have a backup plan for your work?

#6 – Where are you most comfortable communicating?

#7 – Ask them about characteristics that you value in a VA

#8 – How would you fix an internal problem with another VA or worker?

#9 – What do you know about our company?

#10 – Do you have any questions for me?

Hiring a VA doesn’t have to be a chore when you have these VA interview questions to guide the process. There are qualified workers out there who are a good fit for the tasks you need to get off your plate. Master these VA interview questions and find the needles in the hiring haystack.

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Click here to read the full article text on for more details on the 10 questions that can revolutionize your VA interview process. 

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