Amazon Advertising tasks

9 Amazon Advertising Tasks to Outsource

In 2019, Amazon Advertising made its mark in the eCommerce world as a true force to be reckoned with. Digital advertising has changed since Amazon established itself on the scene. It is already the third largest advertising platform online. Amazon is expected to take 10% of digital advertising revenue this year, so advertisers need to keep up if they want to remain competitive. Knowing the ins and outs of Amazon Advertising is just the beginning. […]

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hiring WordPress Freelance Developer

WordPress Freelance Developer Rates and Hiring Best Practices

Hiring a WordPress freelance developer for site builds is nothing new. Business owners, bloggers, and many others have been outsourcing website development for decades. It was a simple thing to shift over to WordPress when it was released 16 years ago. Ironically, the same problems that existed back then are still plaguing clients seeking to hire a WordPress freelance developer today. They all: go through the same process of trying to figure out how much […]

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outsource bookkeeping to the the Philippines

Paying Freelance Taxes in the Philippines Won’t Kill You

Quite honestly, it’s the opposite — paying freelance taxes frees you. Why Many Filipinos Don’t Pay Freelance Taxes Paying taxes is a weight that everyone bears. Freelance taxes are no different than employee taxes in that they are required by law and go towards local and national development. But many freelancers in the Philippines don’t pay them. The most common reasons are low income and government corruption. You’ll hear these comments all the time in […]

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developing great knowmad logo design

How to Get Freelance Work in View of the COVID-19 Crisis

You may have noticed that it’s not as easy to get freelance work now as it was even just two months ago. The COVID-19 crisis has many business owners scrambling. Most of them have had to either shut down operations or work with skeleton crews. This very likely means no or low income, and nothing left in the hiring budget. This is the time, however, that businesses should be investing more – the economy depends […]

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increase amazon sales

How to Increase Amazon Sales with Freelancers

How to increase Amazon sales is a question on the minds of every Amazon seller. New or established, growing or stagnant, increasing conversions is a constant challenge. Sales is one of the most basic of eCommerce goals. It’s right there in the name. There is no commerce without sales. Some sellers become so obsessed with selling, in fact, that they nearly kill themselves. It’s not a bad thing to be invested in a business – […]

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managing remote workers

7 Secrets to Effectively Managing Remote Freelancers

Ever wonder what the best method is for managing remote freelancers? It’s a common misconception in managing remote freelancers that there is less need to actively manage once the individual has been taught their initial task. I’m not sure why, but managers feel a disconnect when the hire is remote and they aren’t able to see them every day. It’s definitely more difficult to develop a relationship with a freelancer that is hundreds and thousands […]

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philippine virtual assistant

US Freelance Accounting and Legal Information

The following is a list of resources on freelance accounting and legal information for business owners. The legalities of doing business can be very confusing to the uninitiated. When you’re running a business for the first time, just the requirements and paperwork to get set up can be overwhelming. Because it all seems so unfamiliar and complex, it can sometimes be enough to make you give up doing business before you even begin. Maybe you’ve […]

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Amazon Selling success

Rock Amazon Selling with these 10 Insights

  Amazon selling can be extremely lucrative. The Amazon marketplace grows every year with ever-increasing revenue worldwide. Almost every year, sales increase by more than they did the previous year. This growth presents a great opportunity for eCommerce entrepreneurs, and they are riding the wave – thousands join each day to start selling on Amazon. But wait – with all that competition, how can Amazon selling be profitable? A great strategy is always key when […]

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happy man using mobile phone nest to laptop

13 Amazon Outsourcing Tips to Save Time and Money

  Amazon outsourcing can be a drain on resources when you aren’t prepared for the process. Time is your most valuable resource as a business owner. Everything that your business needs takes time. Time is essential for the execution of all those processes that keep the business running. No matter how big or small these tasks are, they take time to complete. Apart from that, you need time to make plans to grow the business. […]

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