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Who are eCommerce Freelance VAs?

If you are the lucky owner of an eCommerce business and haven’t yet taken advantage of eCommerce freelance VAs, then this article is for you. You probably already know how much work is involved in the daily operations – especially if you are looking to scale and grow your business. From copywriting to product sourcing […]

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managing remote workers

7 Secrets to Effectively Managing Remote Freelancers

Ever wonder what the best method is for managing remote freelancers? It’s a common misconception in managing remote freelancers that there is less need to actively manage once the individual has been taught their initial task. I’m not sure why, but managers feel a disconnect when the hire is remote and they aren’t able to […]

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a happy freelancer lays back on his chair in front of an open laptop

What Makes Freelancers Happy?

The American workforce is now made up of over 55 million freelancers. One of the primary reasons many people choose to freelance is because they feel it will make them happier than having a traditional job. We asked some of the top freelancers on FreeUp what makes them happy as freelancers. Here’s what they had […]

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