worst day as an entrepreneur

Worst Day as an Entrepreneur

  A day in the life of an entrepreneur is different than most professionals working for a company. A normal day for us starts early and ends late. When Nathan and Connor launched their first product, they knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. And they had experienced bad days.  But when […]

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Agency Owner’s Guide to Hiring Freelancers and Agencies

  Most agency owners start out as freelancers. They are equipped with talent, skills, and experience that cater to different clients and businesses. Whether they are providing creative services, marketing, IT, and whatnot, they want to move up from being blue-chip freelancers to agency owners. This is where their dreams of going big start. Being […]

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ecommerce influencers

25 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow on Social Media

  The advancement of information technology has paved the way for brands to easily reach their target market. Modern day shoppers are consumed by the power of social media. They turn to ecommerce influencers to help decide what products and services to buy that will match their unique lifestyles. Through influencer marketing, businesses are able […]

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