FreeeUp makes life easier

5 Ways FreeeUp Makes Life Easier for Business Owners

  Like every other digital freelance platform, FreeeUp makes life easier for everyone. It is a perfect venue for freelancers and business owners to connect directly. Given the fast-growing economy of digital freelance, these kind of websites provide speed, expertise, quality, and flexibility to scale up an organization’s workforce. As such, a lot of companies make an effort to maintain long-term relationships with them. What is FreeeUp and How Does it Work? FreeeUp is an […]

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freelance economy

The Pros and Cons of the Growing Freelance Economy in 2018

  The corporate world is shifting. As less people commute to work and sit behind desks in high rise corporate offices and a “Freelance Economy” begins to take over, many wonder whether they should jump ship and either 1) hire freelancers  or 2) quit the 9-5 and become a freelancer themselves. The truth is that there are both pros and cons of the growing freelance economy, for both businesses and individuals. Here are a few […]

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freelance work

How to Use Freelance Work to Make Extra Money in the Gig Economy

Photo courtesy of Pexels   Things are looking grim in the US economy. Millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with many on the verge of being homeless. Only one-third of Americans have a nest egg of $1,000 in savings, meaning they wouldn’t be able to afford an emergency room visit or an unexpected automobile repair. If you’ve found yourself in this difficult position lately, short-term or freelance work in the gig economy might […]

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upwork alternative

5 Alternative Sites to Upwork for Finding Top Talent Faster

  The digital freelance marketplace has shaped the future of modern companies. Upwork is one of the more popular global freelance platforms, having millions of registered freelancers. Despite the wide pool of talent, however, some companies are finding it difficult to secure the success of their projects. Let’s find out where Upwork fairs poorly in terms of providing the right freelancer for clients. Their competitors in the market seem to provide a more effective hiring process […]

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freelance sphere

4 Things Business Owners MUST Know about the Growing Freelancer Sphere

  The way we work is changing fast, and the past several years has seen the rise of entirely new economies. The freelancer sphere has exploded, and as more of the world comes online, it continues to balloon. The World Economic Forum has predicted that “The majority of the US workforce will be freelance by 2027,” and that in the future “remote work will be the norm.” Employees in developed countries want more flexibility, employees […]

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email virtual assistant

Upwork Vs. FreeeUp | What’s the Difference?

  Deciding to hire a freelancer to help you grow your business is an excellent decision.  Getting the services of someone who is considered an expert for a certain skill is a good investment. If you’re past that stage and are now ready to hire someone, the question you probably have in mind is “where do I begin?” There are several freelance marketplaces you can sign up with. Among them, FreeeUp and Upwork are considered […]

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gig economy

Interview: What Is the Gig Economy? Where Is It Headed?

  The world we live in is quite different than it was even 20 years ago. Technology has changed the way we operate on a day to day basis. Just like the way the invention of email disrupted the traditional post office, the internet evolution has disrupted the way we work. The corporate world has never been so efficient and error free. In much the same way, technology has allowed the world of online workers […]

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