Amazon listing specialist

Should You Hire an Amazon Listing Specialist or Do It Yourself?

  Your listings are likely the most important part of your Amazon business. They are what your customers see and are virtually the only chance you have to convince customers to add your product to the cart. There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether it’s worth it to pony up the cash for an Amazon listing specialist to create your listings.  The biggest variables will be the amount of available time you […]

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Specific ways an Amazon SEO expert can help you increase your search rankings on Amazon

How to Use an Amazon SEO Expert to Rank Higher on Amazon

  Ranking high on searches in Amazon makes big difference in your business. The tactics have changed a lot over the years and even the recent months. Just as with Google, SEO in Amazon has evolved from finding ways to “trick” the algorithm, to meeting customer needs better than competitors can. There’s been a lot of tactics that have gone in and out over the years, so here I’m focusing on the tried and true […]

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Getting long term clients

How to Switch from One Time Projects to Long Term Clients

  You may have found that short-term services have their downsides. You’re constantly searching for additional clients. You may have times where you are far under capacity, and other times where you are turning clients away. If you’re sick of this rollercoaster, you may want to transition to working with long term clients. When I started my freelancing business, I focused exclusively on short-term clients to quickly gain reviews and a reputation, and transitioned those […]

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ecommerce consultant speaking with business owner

Ecommerce Consultant Tasks and Rate Ranges

  A consultant is one who provides expert advice in a particular area. What about consultants for eCommerce? There are eCommerce consultants with a vast array of knowledge who can not only provide excellent advice, but can also take tasks off your plate and complete them faster and better than you! Tasks For Ecommerce Consultants Conversion Optimization Ecommerce consultants know what converts and what doesn’t, or at least how to go through a systematic process […]

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