money making strategies while clients are on hold

4 Money-Making Strategies for Freelancers If Your Clients are “On Hold” from COVID-19

For those of us who make a living providing a service to clients, this whole COVID-19 is really starting to take a toll. I can see it as I interact almost daily with thousands of freelancers who are all handling the crisis differently—some panicking about money and others worrying about the future. And while this pandemic may open a few unique opportunities to freelancers, all in all, service-based independent contractors are feeling the pain of […]

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scaling agency to 7 figures

4 Pro Ways to Build Passive Income into Your Freelance Business

Generating passive income as a freelancer is inherently complicated. Why? Because freelancing, at its core, is built around trading money for completed hours or tasks. It’s one of the most simple business models around—which is probably why it has lasted so long. You do work for a client. The client pays you. It’s easy, clean, simple, and has provided millions of people with a sustainable business and flexible lifestyle. But some freelancers, after spending a […]

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create client converting portfolio

How to Create a Client Converting Freelance Portfolio

  Most freelancers don’t have a client converting freelance portfolio. I can safely say this after working with freelancers for more than a decade. Most freelancers think about their portfolio in a completely wrong way, and it’s not their fault. As freelancers, most of us went to school to learn our craft, not how to run a business. So, if I’m a freelance writer, I went to school and learned from writers, not business people. […]

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Freelancers Rake in Big Clients

5 Reasons Some Freelancers Rake in Big Clients (while you’re stuck looking for work)

Remember when you used to daydream about freelancing? About working for yourself full-time, being your own boss, setting your own rules, being the master of your own destiny? That’s how many of us freelancers start out—daydreaming at a desk job and wishing we could just break free. After years of working with thousands of freelancers via my blog and community, I’ve learned one very sad reality, however:  for some freelancers, being their own boss doesn’t […]

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