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Running a successful eCommerce business can be quite fulfilling and lucrative. Business owners all over the world are realizing the great potential of starting and running an eCommerce store. One of the biggest challenges of running an online business is balancing growth with time management. As a business owner, it can be tempting to remain involved in all aspects of your store. However, the cost can be detrimental to your health, family and personal life.  The growth of your company can suffer as well.

As your business grows, you will likely reach a point where you want to hire help. You realize you need to hire an eCommerce expert. You may even require several. Hiring online help is an affordable and practical method to grow your online business.

There are many ways you can find remote contractors. In order to find a true eCommerce expert who has the setup and knowledge you need, you have to know where to look. Luckily, there are several online hiring platforms that take the guess work out for you. When using one of these five websites to hire an eCommerce expert, you will be able to find the right person to help grow your company.


FreeeUp is a quickly growing online hiring marketplace that specializes within the eCommerce industry, but is connected with freelancers who can provide services to all types of businesses. You will be able to quickly find an eCommerce expert for any number of positions through this website. FreeeUp receives hundreds of applications from freelancers each week, puts them through their own unique interview process, then only allows the top 1% of applicants into the network. They want to ensure you will be hiring the top talent available online. They offer a variety of price points for you to choose from ranging from $5 to $50 per hour, depending on the skill level you need. They know every business is different. There is not a one size fits all solution. FreeeUp is dedicated to your success as a business owner. They want you to find the best eCommerce expert. If you aren’t satisfied, you can request a new worker in as little as thirty seconds. The reviews of the marketplace have been amazing. The customer service is excellent. You can even reach out and talk to the founders if you ever want or need to. They have access to a group of workers that are ready and able to help you up level your eCommerce business.


Toptal is an exclusive network of top online talent. They have an extensive network of software developers and designers.  They also have several eCommerce experts available for you to choose from. If you are looking for a premium eCommerce expert, this website may be for you. The company was created by engineers. They take pride in how restrictive they are with the talent they bring on board. The reviews are high, but you may pay a premium for the services they provide. Depending on your budget, Toptal may have the solutions you are searching for.


Freelancer has more than 8 million postings in a wide variety of categories listed on their site. This makes them one of the largest online hiring platforms. They offer experts in many eCommerce related fields. You have a good chance of finding just the eCommerce expert you are looking for. This site has several options available to you. As a business owner, you can choose the level of membership that fits your needs. The membership level chosen affects the skill of the worker you receive. It also affects the amount of money you pay to the site when you hire your eCommerce expert. Freelancer is known for great customer service. If ever you aren’t happy just let them know. You can grab a new worker or get your conflict resolved quickly.


Fiverr is a website that has been around for awhile. They are known for providing services starting at the low rate of $5. The categories available range from web design and tech services all the way to crafts. You will be able to find any service you need. The reviews on this platform range from low to high. If you are searching for an eCommerce expert on Fiverr, make sure you do your homework. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Use caution before you hire an eCommerce expert based on a low price. Make sure you read all of the reviews on the worker and look at past work performance. You can find great online workers on this site. However, because it isn’t highly regulated, you must proceed with caution. Use your best judgement and start out with a test assignment if you aren’t sure.


Upwork is an international online hiring platform. They offer business owners of all types with remote workers available for hire. Upwork’s talent ranges from simple blog post writing to eCommerce experts and everything in between. The platform has over 9 million freelancers competing for work. This can lead to competitive rates. The platform has maintained a stellar reputation over the years. They are well known for the quality of work from member freelancers. They don’t specialize in eCommerce as a site. However, if you browse through their talent, you will be able to find an eCommerce expert that fits your needs.

What Type of eCommerce Expert should you hire?

The type of eCommerce expert you hire will vary greatly based on your specific business needs. Your business goals may also determine your decisions. You may choose to hire a single eCommerce expert with knowledge in various areas. Or you may choose to hire multiple online professionals. Each online hire may specialize in one thing. There are no right answers. You may have to experiment to see what works best for you and your business. There are a few key roles to consider outsourcing to an eCommerce expert. These roles require expertise and onboarding to be performed correctly. Having that level of expert knowledge can greatly increase the profitability of your company. Consider hiring an eCommerce expert to perform these key roles. Doing so will help take your business to the next level.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is essential to the continued growth of your business. This task can easily consume too much of your time. As a business owner, you must focus on strategic growth. Even if you spend a bunch of time on customer service, it may still not be enough. By hiring an eCommerce expert set up for customer service, you can be assured that your customers needs are met. Those happy customers are likely to leave positive feedback and return to make future purchases. You can even hire customer service experts in different time zones.  With this solution, your customers have around the clock care.

Copy Writing

Online copy writing in the eCommerce world is an art best left to experienced “artists.” The written copy on your website and product descriptions can make or break your business. Those words will ultimately determine if your customers will purchase your product. They can easily continue on to your competitors. Hiring an eCommerce expert for copy writing could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Your sales may just skyrocket.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory for your eCommerce store can be a tedious headache. It can even become a nightmare. Having too much stock can be detrimental to your bottom line. Not having enough merchandise on hand can be even worse. Hiring an eCommerce expert to professionally handle the inventory balancing act is a wise decision. It is a decision that can pay dividends.

Maintaining the Competitive Edge

There are algorithms and software you must be proficient in to stay competitive. You must consistently size up your competition.  Your prices, images, titles, copy and more must be in line with the current market. The hottest trends are always changing. The right eCommerce expert will maintain your store at the top of the list because they will know exactly what to look for and when. They will have the various requirements to perform the work and keep your company performing well. Don’t let your business lose the competitive edge. Consider hiring an eCommerce expert to help you stay on top.


Business owners want to grow their businesses. It only makes sense to hire skilled online eCommerce experts. The right group of professionals can become the “secret sauce” to your success. Hiring the right eCommerce expert doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated. By utilizing one of the several top rated online hiring platforms, you can quickly find the best talent.

When choosing your online hiring platform and the eCommerce expert you choose to hire, always do your due diligence. Read reviews, conduct interviews and verify past performances. Some business owners have had some hiring horror stories. You can learn from them. It doesn’t take much to make your story one of success and profit. You can easily avoid the common mistakes associated with hiring online. Simply enjoy all of the benefits and freedom. Putting together a group of skilled workers will help grow your business. Follow these tips and find the top talent to hire.

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Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer. She specializes in career growth, technical writing and online entrepreneurship. She writes a blog, Engineered Motherhood, for working mothers who need help balancing career growth and time management.



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