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Have you ever thought of hiring a freelancer for WordPress to take care of your blog? Your blog is a big part of your business. It’s how you keep your audience informed. It’s how you maintain contact with your clients. It’s also how you reach out to new ones as your posts rank and get searched.

You know that your business needs this blog to drive people to you. You probably spend 4 or 5 hours on your blog every day just to keep it up-to-date. Your blog needs a lot of attention, but you know that your time could be better spent on other business tasks.

How can you work on growing your business if you are spending so much time on just one aspect of it? You can’t. You need a freelancer for WordPress to help you manage it so that you can get out from under all the busy-work and focus on what matters most.

The main advantage of hiring a freelancer for WordPress is to take this stuff off your hands. We are sharing below the 7 different areas that they can take care of for you, and possibly do better, too – a freelancer for WordPress will have the specific skills and experience needed to perform well, and be focused on this one task. Without further ado, here’s how a freelancer for WordPress can be of great advantage to your business:

Content Writing

This is the bulk of the work by far. You need content that provides value. Value takes knowledge and time. You certainly have the one, but the other is often a huge sacrifice. You could compromise, which is all that many of us can do when tasked with running a business from the top down.

You may have conceded to writing shorter posts to save time. Speed-writing posts of 300-600 words just to get something on there won’t cut it, though. Good content is rich in exposition with ample description and a good dash each of persuasion and narrative. Writing posts that will appeal to your audience is a true creative endeavor. It can’t be rushed if you want to get maximum results for your investment.

A good freelancer for WordPress will know how to spot the level of quality that your content needs to be. The best of them will know how to produce the quality of content that your business deserves. This way, you can start small so you aren’t watching over too many new hires.

Post Proofing

You need to make sure that your posts are free from typos, grammatical errors, and have a nice flow to them. Small mistakes send the message that you are not overly concerned about your audience, and no one wants to do business with a brand that does not hold them in the highest regard. Writing that is choppy and doesn’t take the reader smoothly from one point to the next will make readers uncomfortable. They will then, of course, tend to shy away from such negative vibes.

A good freelancer for WordPress will have an excellent grasp of the language and honed editing skills. A writer may have the knowledge and research skills necessary to compose a solid piece. This second pair of eyes, however, can transform a rather clinical or academic piece into an engaging sojourn from your reader’s daily grind.

You also need to format posts so they look good. You want to be able to attract as many visitors to your site as possible. They will come if the writer knows how to compose catchy titles and select a fair featured image. But they are not likely to read the whole thing if it doesn’t look appealing. A huge block of plain text is daunting – it gives the impression that the content will be boring. People have always wanted value, but today’s people need to be entertained in the process.

People have been spoiled – for lack of a better term – by rich multi-media. A freelancer for WordPress will know how to use the platform to captivate the senses by adding appropriate media and visual formatting that contributes to the overall meaning and impact of the written word. This in itself is an art – it’s more than just throwing in a few images or a video that would otherwise be nice on their own. The visual appeal helps to form a more cohesive piece – part of the formula for viral content.


SEO is a very important part of your blog content, even if it is but the work of a moment for an experienced freelancer for WordPress . You may have a writer who is adept at creating content that draws the reader in. SEO, however, is not a skill that all writers have. It is a good deal more technical than the creative work, and requires a separate skill set.

An experienced freelancer for WordPress will not only know what makes a great piece of content in the eyes of the reader, but also how to tweak it so that it will appeal to the search engines. If you want to leverage your content to use your blog to push your business website up in the ranks, you need quality SEO. You are making an investment in your blog, and the primary goal is to retain customers and bring in new ones. For this, you need visibility so that people can find you, and then you can charm them with all the value you provide.

Post Scheduling and Analytics Tracking

This is the daily and somewhat tedious part of blog management. It’s really not for everyone, although a freelancer for WordPress will tend to enjoy the organizational and administrative aspects of it.

Basically, you need to keep content fresh so your readers will be compelled to return often. You also need fresh content as you reach wider audiences so that you can attract a wider range of individuals. Fresh content also tells them that you are active and engaged and up-to-date in all aspects concerning your industry. This means huge plus points for your brand.

A freelancer for WordPress will know how to choose the topics in sequence that make the most sense for your purposes. For instance, some topics are seasonal and will be much more powerful when used at the right time. Other topics are more general or timeless, and should be used in a different set of logical intervals. A professional freelancer for WordPress knows how to calendar these topics to generate maximum impact. In addition, if this freelancer is not doing the writing for you, you will want them to manage what topics the writer is going to work on next. Scheduling will get messed up – or there may be nothing at all to schedule – if the writer doesn’t have the right topics prepared at the right times.

Closely related to scheduling is Analytics tracking, whether through Google or another platform. The best freelancer for WordPress blog management will know how to use Analytics to gauge responses and track reader engagement. This is an important factor that will affect what type of content you want to share next, and how you want to adjust the scheduling to publish at the exact best times for maximum clicks and engagement.

Comments Moderation

If you have good content and proper SEO, you will soon see a marked improvement in your site visits. High traffic provides golden opportunities, but it also attracts riff-raff. You can save time by having all the comments on your blog publish automatically, but this means that an increased amount of spam is going to get through. Spam is ugly and can hurt your reputation.

A freelancer for WordPress can easily spend a few minutes every day going through your comments to filter out the good stuff from the chaff. This helps to preserve your brand integrity. Responding to comments, whether they are questions or not, is also an important part of building rapport with your audience. A good freelancer for WordPress will know how to engage with these readers who are reaching out so that you can build relationships and establish new ones.

Guest Posting

At a certain point, you will want to expand your efforts outside your own blog. Much of the traffic that you want to access is out there, and one of the best ways to grab it is to do organic outreach.

You might already have gotten more than a few proposals from writers or businesses in complementary fields to guest post on your site. A freelancer for WordPress can start managing these communications and take care of the proofing and all that to make sure that the writing meets your standards. You might also want to get a solid set of guest posting guidelines written out so that you can save time by sending it out to prospective posters.

One great project to get into is guest posting on other websites. The guys we just talked about above want to post on your site because it’s a chance for them to spread the word about their business and get an organic link back to their own website. You should be doing the same so you can gain visibility for your business. A freelancer for WordPress can manage this outreach as well, looking for good websites to post on and working with the writer to find just the right topics to send over. This requires a bit of marketing and public relations know-how, and the best freelancer for WordPress will know which sites will benefit you the most, and how to develop the right contacts.

Writer Management

You may want to start simple with just one worker until you have built a solid work relationship and have worked all the kinks out of the production process. Later on, however, you might want to have a freelancer for WordPress focus on the administrative side as you expand and need more content for related projects like guest posting.

Having a few regular writers within arm’s reach is a good idea. You don’t want production to stop because your content isn’t coming in as you need it. Growth is a sign that it’s good time to think about hiring another writer who can help carry the load as you produce more content. A freelancer for WordPress is in the best position to help here as well, screening candidates for you and sending you the top ones who have the skills and talent that your blog and outreach need.

Final Thoughts

Your blog has a lot of untapped potential that you can take good advantage of if you hire a freelancer for WordPress to help you manage it. Plus, when you hire a remote freelancer for WordPress, you can get quality work and stay within your budget at the same time. Once you are comfortable with remote hiring, you can also hire freelance writers and other specialists who can help you level up your business while remaining lean.


Julia Valdez Freelancer


Julia Valdez is teacher by profession and long-time lover of the art of words on paper and the stage. She spends most of her time doing freelance content writing and management, community volunteer work with the Philippine Advocates for Resilient Communities, adventuring with the Greenhouse Christian Fellowship, and sharing lots of laughs over little crazy things.


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    1. Hi Imshi, it doesn’t have to get out of hand, especially when you can select competent workers in your price range. Having someone who understands the platform specifics can be a big help in boosting visibility and also cuts down production time.

  1. Organic outreach is big, and it makes sense that someone already familiar with the whole blog flow and process would be the best choice.

    1. Hey Melissa, that’s a common and crucial concern. This is why we recommend onboarding before any actual work starts, and that the first few billed hours be focused on going through expectations and learning about the business and your preferences. Check out our Online Hiring Resources for more tips on getting things to run smoothly. Downloadable templates are also available to help you get started.

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