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For a lot of people in business there comes a time when you find that you do not have as much time as you used to. And when you grow, or gain a new position, your time often gets shorter and shorter because of new responsibilities. That being said, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the same page and to make sure all the work is getting done. Which is why, it is a good idea to build a remote group of freelancers for your business.

Today we will be diving into the ultimate guide to build a remote group for your business. We will be breaking down the many different techniques managing a remote group takes to accomplish. Not only that, we will also be providing you with the necessary tools you need to become productive and successful in your business. So, read on and learn how to to build a remote group of freelancers for your business.

Recruiting & Hiring Remote Freelancers

When trying to build a remote group for your business, you are going to want to start off by building relationships with the freelancers you want to recruit and hire. And since there often is a lot of distance between you and remote freelancers, it is best to get to know them each individually to find out their strengths and weaknesses before hiring.

So, whether you get on a 30-45 minute discovery call with them, or you simply have them do a premade survey, you need to start things off right by getting to know them on a more deeper level than your average hire. This will help make new remote freelancer feel less like just another hire and more like a partner. It will also significantly shape the environment of your business to show that you care about who works for you.

Keep An Eye On Their First Workday/week

The next step you should take in building a remote group is to watch how they work. Most of the time, new hires will somewhat put on a show for you when working in the same office. Of course, most of them are trying to impress you and not get let go, which is why they go the extra mile by doing and going above and beyond the call of duty for you.

However, when using remote freelancers, it is much more difficult to gauge how well they are performing since they are neither in your office, nor close by. To combat this, it is best to have complete transparency between you and remote freelancers. So, when new remote freelancers first start out, keep an eye out on their work in the first week. This will tell you whether or not they will work well in your business in the future.

Of course, this is not for you to be the work performance police, it is simply to develop a better environment for them in order to acknowledge their contributions to the business and ensure their hard work does not go unnoticed. And this brings us to our next topic.

Celebrate Achievements Both Big & Small

Going along with transparency, when you develop that type of culture within your business, you will be able to notice and celebrate achievements with freelancers no matter how big or small they are. Everyone loves to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work and dedication. So, celebrating small and big achievements or “wins” will promote a much more involved work environment for freelancers.

When you are working with a remote group of freelancers, it is somewhat harder for them to feel like they are apart of the business and are actually making a difference. So, celebrating their individual wins and wins as a whole, by acknowledging the hard work they are doing, will allow them to not only feel like they are doing well, but it will also help them to see the bigger picture.

But, no matter the size of their achievements, this will give you much insight into how they work best. Some freelancers appreciate verbal praise such as a “thank you” or “great work”, while others appreciate a physical manifestation of that in the form of a raise or bonus. Regardless what you choose to do, always remember that a little bit of appreciation and affirmation goes a long way, especially when using remote freelancers.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

While building a relationship with a remote group, celebrating their achievements and getting a look into how they work is a great, you must remember to let them have a look into your work, or as most people know it “the bigger picture.”

Customers will come and go and conversion rates will climb and fall. But, the reason why your business stays “in business” is based a lot on how freelancers perform. However, if freelancers, whether remote or not, don’t know the bigger picture of your business, than it will be harder for them to understand the value of each customer.

To keep freelancers fully devoted to providing the best service for your business, they need to be able to see and understand the “bigger picture.” To do this, it is best to be transparent about company growth as well as personal growth for each freelancer. Tracking goals for each freelancer can also help them to feel more “a part” of the company, which, in turn, will help to keep them around.

Invest in Freelancers

While most bigger companies pay more attention to the money and what their hires can do for them, it is best to invest in freelancers rather than see them as expendables. If you are going to simply move on to the next freelancer every time they do something you don’t like than you will never get anything done.

Try investing in individual freelancers by giving them one on one onboarding to help walk them through issues they might have, which will show them that you actually care about other people and will serve as an example of what a leader looks like. Or buy them an online course to increase their knowledge in a certain skill, like SEO or social media marketing.

Doing these things will not only benefit them in the here and now, it will also benefit you in the long-run. When remote freelancers see that you are looking to help them be the best freelancers they can be, they will jump at the chance to work with you and won’t want to work with anyone else because of it.

In conclusion, remember that when you recruiting to build the ultimate remote group for your business, start by watching their first days working with you, which will help to gauge how they will work in the future. Next, celebrate their achievements no matter how small or big, because it will help promote a happier work environment for them, which will boost their performance for you.

After that, help them to see the bigger picture of your business, which will allow them to feel like more than just another hire and help them establish themselves properly in the role you have given them. Once you have that down, try to invest in freelancers, not just as a whole, but for each individual freelancer. Doing this will give them a good example of a true leader and will simultaneously make them feel like you actually care.

Lastly, and most importantly, be kind and forgiving of mistakes. While most businesses will scold their hires for mistakes they have made, this just makes them feel worthless and will not help them to get better. Instead try using constructive criticism and help walk them through the issues they are having. This will help them to not be so afraid of failing and will also help them to get better faster. 


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  1. Good stuff. Just wanted to add that it’s also important to get a feel for the freelancer’s flow. Deadlines are 100% important and the freelancer needs to have a comfortable flow that you are also comfortable with because at the end of the day things need to get done.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Crystle, the freelancer is there to help you, and you need to be on the same page for the relationship to be healthy and mutually beneficial.

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