amazon seller's guide to boosting sales with retargeting

The Amazon Seller’s Guide To Boosting Sales With Retargeting

Running a successful business involves many different factors and one would argue that effective marketing is a factor that can be key in determining whether a business is going to perform well or not. Correctly marketing your product or business will help you build a meaningful connection with your audience. There are many tools and techniques you can use to effectively market your brand. One such technique is known as retargeting. When used correctly, retargeting […]

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optimize your ecommerce landing page

8 Tactics to Optimize Your Ecommerce Landing Page

A recent survey revealed that the average eCommerce store converted only a mere 4% of its visitors globally. It is a harrowing statistic that shows how 90% of the website’s conversion potential goes to waste just beneath your nose. While you may find many marketing blogs that recommend different techniques to boost your conversion rates and achieve higher sales, these practices may work well for some pages but remain completely inert for others. For example, […]

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knowmad design logo tips

5 Knowmad Logo Design Tips

You need a great logo to make it as a knowmad. And we have just the knowmad logo design tips you need to create the perfect knowmad brand. What Are Knowmads? The term knowmad isn’t new, so it’s a term you may have heard or come across before, but maybe you didn’t fully understand what it meant. John Moravec, a researcher on the future of work and education, created the term to explain what he […]

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tech-based tools to manage sales initiatives

Tech-based Tools to Manage Sales Initiatives

Sales has never been an easy game to play, and you may not be able to manage sales initiative without the right tech-based tools. And when the challenges surpass the gains, a business fails. In the modern, digitally-driven, competitive market landscape, technology is imperative to manage sales initiatives successfully. Listed below are a few tech-based tools that help manage new and existing sales initiatives to keep evolving with the ever-changing business market. Analysis of Sales […]

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create and monitor a meme marketing campaign

Steps to Create and Monitor a Meme Marketing Campaign

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create and Monitor Your Meme Marketing Campaign Meme marketing is a very popular social media tool because memes are very popular symbols on social channels. Every week, new fun and edgy memes “pop up” on different networks. However, despite the fact that memes are very popular among social users, meme marketing is still considered a risky practice. All the great marketing and sales campaigns require knowledge, experience, and testing. […]

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online store cart personalization

5 Strategies for Cart Personalization in 2020

The provision of unique experiences lies at the core of an ecommerce strategy capable not only of driving conversions but also of securing loyalty. And though it was once the exclusive domain of luxury retailers and massive corporations, the explosive expansion of digital data has made it an option for even the smallest of businesses. Cart personalization can now be heavily automated. Configure your system to draw in data from various sources and alter the […]

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10 Sales Generating Tasks for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Offload Sales Generating Tasks to a Pinterest Virtual Assistant As an ecommerce site owner, you have plenty of responsibilities. From ordering inventory to handling shipments, your days are busy and full. Another timely and essential task that you have to handle one way or another is marketing. Fortunately, Pinterest marketing duties can be offloaded to a virtual assistant with the necessary platform-specific experience. If you handle Pinterest posts and want to really up your game […]

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Amazon success keys

3 Keys to Amazon Success

How I Sold My First Product on Amazon and Discovered the 3 Keys to Success In this article I’d like to share key 3 lessons with you for Amazon success. They will help you decrease loss, increase sales, and exponentially change the game when it comes to selling your products on Amazon… I hope you enjoy it. It was 2011 and I had just returned to the US from a 15 month stint in East […]

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freelance invoice template

Essential Steps for a Freelancer to Become an Entrepreneur

More and more often, savvy workers are saying goodbye to the standard 9-5 drudgery. They are replacing demanding bosses, stuffy suits, long commutes, and office politics with something much more rewarding. In addition to this, they recognize that the job market is changing quickly. Jobs available today didn’t exist a decade ago. At the same time, other jobs are becoming redundant. One area that is booming isn’t in a specific industry or profession. Rather, it’s […]

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