product research is key

Outsourcing Your Book Made Easy

Outsourcing your book creation to reliable, expert freelancers is the key to getting it done the right way without all the pressure and sacrifice. When you want to be a thought leader who is highly respected, admired, and quoted, you need to get great content published. When you’ve created a persona in your field that is influential and you motivate people, the top item on your bucket list reads: Write a Book! As an entrepreneur, […]

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shopify virtual assistant

Important Tips for Writing Business Emails

Writing business emails is a skill that anyone can learn — and they should. Emails are very essential tools for formal communication, but most people do not know how to fully utilize them. Many people write emails to prospective business partners or recruiters but fail to hear back from them. One may assume that the lack of response may be due to bad timing or lack of experience. In reality, the way you write business […]

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payment solutions for ecommerce businesses

2020 Payment Solutions For Your eCommerce Business

What are the best 2020 payment solutions for eCommerce businesses? In order to run a successful eCommerce business, your website should offer customers a variety of payment methods. After all, your online business revolves around making money. And that’s why you opted to sell online, right? By 2021, the number of online buyers is expected to be more than 2.14 billion people. One of the common reasons people buy online is that they can shop […]

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B2B Freelance Copywriter or Content Writer

How to Decide if You Need a B2B Freelance Copywriter or Content Writer

  When in need of a writer, businesses often find the best ones amongst freelancers. They are skilled, knowledgeable and produce content that drives traffic and conversions to the business. However, once a business goes on the market in search of a freelancer, they often stumble upon a problem – they don’t know who to hire. There are so many remote copywriters and content writers available. What is the difference between a B2B Freelance Copywriter […]

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freelancer management

Distributed Freelancers, Unified Vision: Your Guide to Effective Freelancer Management

As technology advances, it makes sense that the workforce would advance with it. Modern technology has led to more and more companies hiring virtually. Hiring remote freelancers from around the globe has many benefits versus hiring locally. One of the main perks is having experts from all corners of the world to choose from, making it much easier to find someone who is a perfect fit for the task at hand. Hiring a remote workforce […]

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promote your freelance business

How to Promote your Freelance Business with Facebook Ads

  Facebook has the largest number of users; around 1.5 billion people use it every single day. With this large number of users, this is also the largest platform to sell your products and services. Many people use Facebook for different purposes, but most use the platform to connect with friends and family. Almost 40% of the Facebook population comprises of companies and hardworking freelancers and bloggers. Freelancers nowadays use Facebook as a crucial platform […]

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get freelance clients

Top 10 Ways to Get Freelance Clients to Come to You

  As a freelancer, you know that getting clients is one of the hardest things. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced freelancer, finding work can be a daunting task, because, well, clients come and go. That’s why looking for clients is an essential part of freelance success. Many freelancers actually make a mistake by waiting for clients to come to them. If you want to earn some money, you’ll have to find people who […]

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Ranking Freelance Website

How Carl P. Started Ranking His Freelance Website on Google

  Carl P’s Confession I am Carl P., an SEO Strategist currently working through the FreeeUp marketplace. I have been in the SEO industry for 6 long years filled with hard work, discovery and passion. My beginnings were generally crude until I was able to build my long overdue vision of having a website rank #1 on Google’s search results. This case study will tackle how I transitioned in my career from being a […]

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freelance tech skills

Top 9 Freelance Tech Skills in Demand in 2019

  The future is freelance tech skills, and it is now. The tech of the internet has enabled us to work from wherever we please, which has boosted the gig economy. The rise of tech has also created a huge demand for various tech skills. As a result, the freelance market is booming at an unprecedented rate. The demand for freelance tech skills is rising, but not as fast as supply. This kind of climate […]

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