sealed amazon box on the floor, not an amazon return

Reduce Your Amazon Returns With These Winning Strategies

Amazon has established its name not just because of the variety of items it sells online, but also because of its notable customer service. However, Amazon sellers sometimes become entangled with the company’s returns policy. Few product returns on Amazon may not drastically affect sellers like you, but when faced with numerous returns on Amazon, your business may not be able to keep up in the long run. To help you increase the profitability of […]

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yellow amazon delivery truck with some boxes beside it

The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Outsourcing Work Without Losing Quality

If you feel overwhelmed with the work needed to start and grow an Amazon business, it is wise to consider outsourcing some of the work. Have you heard entrepreneurs mention the expression, “you have to spend money to make money”? It is important that you never let the impulse of saving a few dollars get in the way of long term success. While investing in inventory might seem to be a good idea, it is […]

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open laptop beside some paper and envelop in preparation for email personalization

How To Use Hyper-Personalization and Hyper-Segmentation In Your Email Marketing Strategy

Long gone are the days when personalizing the emails with the subscriber’s first name was enough to convert. With the advancements in technology, marketers have access to a more extensive database, which can be hyper-segmented and hyper-personalized to generate better subscriber engagement. Keep reading to learn how hyper-segmentation and hyper-personalization can help improve your email marketing strategy. The Benefits of Personalized Emails 82% and 75% of marketers have reported an increase in open rates and […]

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4 Ways Freelancers Can Improve Their Cybersecurity While Working Remotely

One of the fastest ways for a freelancer to lose a client’s confidence, and perhaps any future work, is to put their client’s data at risk. It really only takes a single slip-up to compromise important data. With that being said, as a freelancer, it’s necessary to take the time to create a strict cybersecurity plan. In this article we’ll cover some of the top cybersecurity tips that every freelancer should know. Use AntiVirus Software […]

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a team of freelancers switched to the tech career as they work together in their respective laptops

Why Switch to a Tech Career?

Today, people are seeking something more than just a good job. Spending up to 40 hours a week or more at a job can be difficult if you don’t feel satisfied or that you’re growing. The tech industry has given millions of people all over the world the opportunity to learn, grow, gain new skills, and find financial success. The industry is continuously growing, and people are finding new and creative careers in tech every […]

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most common mistakes freelancers make

Most Common Mistakes Freelancers Make

10 Freelance Writing Mistakes That Could Cost You Big Bucks   There are nearly 60 million freelancers in the United States alone. For many people, the idea of being a professional freelance writer is a dream job. The ability to set your own hours and be able to write from virtually anywhere there is an internet are all quality reasons for this. As one may guess, becoming a full-time freelance writer is not easy. Competition […]

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Financing options for a startup business

Top 5 Financing Options for a Startup Business

The most important segment of starting a new business is the financial aspect of the project. If you decided to take the leap and launch your own startup business, you will need startup funding resources to cover administrative costs and the basic capital needed for day-to-day operations. Keep reading to learn about the best 5 financing options to get your startup business off the ground. Government Grants If your startup project is specialized in the […]

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a mailbox covered with ice to represent cold email

How to Write a Cold Email That Won’t End Up in the Trash

Not relevant. Didn’t subscribe. Not interested. Boring. Where did you get my email from? Spam… Spam. Spam!  How often do you think these when opening an email? Let me ask you another question, in fact, more important: how did it happen that you are not excited about what someone is trying to offer you? The answer to this question is simple: the sender is not a professional and doesn’t know how to compose great emails. […]

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keys to running amazon facebook ads

7 Keys to Running Facebook Ads for Amazon Products

“Facebook Ads don’t work for me.” That’s what a lot of Amazon sellers say after they try a Facebook Ads campaign. But most of the time it’s not the platform’s fault – they just aren’t doing them right. There’s a bit of a learning curve to Facebook Ads, especially when you’re used to search-based marketing like Amazon PPC. This causes many sellers to give up and miss out on all the potential benefits. This post […]

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