hire a freelancer for your amazon store


You may have not yet had a chance to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store. But if you are running a thriving online store, you likely already know the value of good help. In order to build a booming business, you have to hire skilled people at some point to help with the day-to-day tasks. You simply cannot expect to scale your business to the heights that you aspire to if you insist on doing everything on your own.

If you haven’t yet taken that step of hiring freelancers for your business, it’s well worth considering. You may wonder, however, just how you can make sure to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store who can reliably do what you need without causing you headaches.

It’s actually quite simple.

At FreeeUp, we have a tried and tested process for finding the right freelancer for every task, no matter how mundane or complex it might be. This process has been honed by FreeeUp’s founders over years and years, beginning with their first partnership, an Amazon store.

Below you will find the reasons why you should hire a freelancer for your Amazon store, and how to make sure you hire the right one — or two, or however many you need to help your business meet its full growth potential.

Amazon and Freelancing

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

The world of online businesses such as Amazon stores has exploded in recent years. Many successful businesses are making great money and reaching new heights through their digital stores. It is a great way to reach potential customers from all over the world.

Because of this recent increase in online retailers, another industry has drastically increased as well. That is the industry of professional online contractors. The wide world of opportunity created by the gig economy has raised a generation of career freelancers who are perfect for online commerce.

Here are some awesome facts about freelancers today:

  • They have grown up with various technologies and so learn and use them with ease.
  • They have honed skills and specialized experience in niche fields.
  • They are location independent, so you can hire from anywhere in the world, broadening your options.
  • They have the flexibility to help you for as many hours as you need, whether that’s constant or only from time to time.
  • You never have to worry about taking on a permanent employment responsibility with freelancers, or even pay for government mandated benefits and office overhead.
  • They love what they do, so they are ready to help take your Amazon business to the next level.

Are you ready for the help?

If so, this article will detail the exact steps you need to take to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store.

Step 1: Choose the Task to be Delegated

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

There are thousands of professional freelancers available at the click of a mouse, and they vary in skill level, experience and cost. The task that you choose to delegate will dictate exactly what type of freelancer you need to look for.

There are online professionals with the exact knowledge your business requires. This is the freelancer you want to hire. The options are truly endless, so there is no need for you to have to settle for anyone less than the perfect fit.

There are a few tasks specific to an Amazon business that are popular to outsource, for instance:

Product Description Writers

As you already know, when customers visit your Amazon store, they are going to read your product descriptions. Based on what they read and the images you choose to post, those potential customers will make a decision to purchase.

Copywriting specific to product descriptions can be a tricky endeavor. There is a lot that goes into a successful product description. If you are looking to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store, consider hiring one that has experience writing product descriptions.

Inventory Management

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

Managing inventory is a time-consuming process, but it is one that cannot be overlooked. Your Amazon store relies on having just the right amount of inventory in stock at all times. If you go too low or too high, you’ll end up losing on sales, paying higher storage fees, getting a lower performance score, and the like.

This balancing act is best left to an experienced professional, and there are many online freelancers who have that exact experience. Rather than trying to figure it all out on your own, let them take the reins.

Customer Service

As a business owner running an eCommerce store, you don’t have the excess time available to respond to every email, review and question. But your customers require that level of service if your business is going to thrive. You want your customers to feel valued and return to make future purchases.

With stellar customer service freelancers to monitor messaging and deal with issues, this can become a real possibility. This is definitely a task worth outsourcing if you are looking to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store.

Ads Manager

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

Running any successful ad campaign is an “art” best left to an “artist.” If you try to run your own ads without any knowledge or experience, you will likely end up getting a poor return on investment. Many business owners take their hand at running ads only to later outsource the mess to a professional. And this ends up costing more because they have to do clean-up before they can actually start running successful ads.

By choosing to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store that knows his or her way around marketing and ads, you will most likely end up earning more money right away. They can get things started right and manage campaigns to stay on an upward trend.

Social Media Management

Social media is a must for almost every business in existence today, especially if your business is predominantly online. The online world is dominated by social media, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to snag thousands of customers waiting on all of the various social media platforms. However, social media can be a giant time commitment.

Hiring an online freelancer to manage your accounts ensures that your customers are kept up to date with the best content. It also frees up your time to focus on building your business.


hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

There are many other tasks that you can outsource if you choose to hire a freelancer for your Amazon business.

Think of the tasks that:

  1. consume the most of your time
  2. you are not proficient at
  3. you don’t enjoy doing
  4. do not directly contribute to the growth of your company (even if they are essential tasks)

Those are the tasks that you should consider outsourcing so that your time can be spent in a more strategic manner.

Once you have chosen the task(s) you want to outsource, write a specific and clear description detailing the exact tasks you want a freelancer to assume as well as all of your expectations as business owner. Having a great description helps ensure you get the exact person you need in each area. Include what skills you’d like him or her to have, what onboarding you need to do, what certifications you’d like to see and which qualities are important to you.

This is the first step to getting the right people on board to help you grow your business. If you want more tips about getting that initial push for growth, check out the new StartupBros ultimate guide on how to sell on Amazon. These guys are great, have a lot to share, and they really know what they’re doing.

Step 2: Choose your Online Hiring Platform

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

There are many different ways you can find and hire a freelancer for your Amazon store, but hiring through a reputable online hiring platform removes a lot of the risk associated with remote hiring. These platforms help find the perfect match for your needs and ensure that you are happy with your choice.

Here are a few suggestions on where to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store.

  1. Freeeup – Freeeup is an online hiring platform specializing in eCommerce needs. This means that your specific needs as an Amazon business owner will be understood and accounted for when you request to meet the available freelancers in the marketplace. Moreover, all the freelancers you will find on FreeeUp are in the top 1% that have been pre-vetted for skills, attitude and experience. If you’re not happy with a match, you can meet another within 24 hours at the click of a button.
  2. Upwork – Upwork is a well-established online hiring platform with great reviews. They offer over 9 million freelancers covering all sorts of different specialties. This platform is known for their quality of work and excellent customer service, although you’ll have to pay extra for that.
  3. Toptal – Toptal is an exclusive network of the top talent available online. This platform is a bit pricey in comparison to similar websites, but the reviews suggest they may be worth the extra cost. They are also limited in their offering.
  4. Freelancer – Freelancer is one of the largest online hiring platforms available. They offer online freelancers in every imaginable expertise, and no task is too big or too small. They offer various membership levels depending on your specific needs.
  5. Fiverr – Fiverr is known for providing low cost services (starting at just $5). They have all sorts of specialties available and the skill levels of the members range from beginner to expert. The reviews are mixed so do your research before hiring anyone.

There are many other choices when it comes time for you to hire a Freelancer for your Amazon store. Always compare options carefully and make a decision that fits the needs of your company and feels right to you as the business owner.

Step 3: Hire and Integrate the Best Freelancer

hire a freelancer for your Amazon Store

Once you have identified the tasks and your chosen hiring platform, it is time to hire and integrate a new freelancer. In order to build a successful working relationship with this freelancer right from the start, go through these three basic steps.

  1. Interview the best matches – Set up interviews with the most qualified applicants you find who meet all of your task description criteria. Have a list of questions ready to ask to validate the candidate has the skills and qualities you desire. Repeat your expectations and ensure the candidate agrees with your requirements.
  2. Onboard the new hire – Even if you hire a freelancer for your Amazon store who is highly experienced, there will still be some level of onboarding required. Make sure the new hire knows how to use all of your software, how to get in touch with you when needed, and what to do in certain situations. Spend a little time going through your business processes with the the new hire and it will be well worth the investment. As time goes on, make sure you are providing continued support and feedback as needed.
  3. Manage the freelancer – Just as with any hire, a freelancer will require ongoing management from you. Ongoing communication is essential to a successful working relationship. Encourage two-way communication so that they are comfortable reaching out to you with any issues that may pop up. Here are some tools you can use for management once you choose to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store.

Why You Should Hire a Freelancer for your Amazon Store

In just three simple steps, you can hire a freelancer for your Amazon store. Doing so might be the wisest business decision you’ve made so far as the business owner. Not only will hiring online help free up your valuable time, hiring experts will ensure that the work gets done in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Many entrepreneurs and Amazon business owners reflect back on the decision to hire help as the choice that propelled their business and gave them the freedom they yearned for. Running an Amazon business can be highly profitable and enjoyable if done correctly. By hiring skilled freelancers to help run your store, you can truly take your business to the next level.


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