Ultimate Guide to Hire a Virtual Assistant (And Why You Should Do It!)

How To Hire a Virtual Assistant (The Ultimate Guide)

  So, you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. You’ve come to the right place. In this extensive guide, we’ll cover: When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant? Where to start? How do you choose the first task to outsource? Where can you hire a virtual assistant online? What should you expect to pay for a virtual assistant? How do you know if the virtual assistant is a good fit for your […]

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When Is The Right Time To Hire Remote Freelancers?

  Starting and running a business is no small feat. Oftentimes, as entrepreneurs, we build our business online, meaning, when we need to hire help, we will likely turn to hire remote freelancers. Remote freelancers are people you’ve hired, but might never meet face to face. They work to support your business from afar. While this has a significant positive impact on productivity and reduced overhead expenses, it can be an intimidating step in your […]

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managing remote workers

7 Secrets to Effectively Managing Remote Freelancers

Ever wonder what’s the best way to manage remote talent? It’s a common misconception in managing remote freelancers that there is less need to actively manage once the individual has been taught their initial task. I’m not sure why, but managers feel a disconnect when the hire is remote and they aren’t able to see them every day. It’s definitely more difficult to develop a relationship with a freelancer that is hundreds of miles away […]

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FreeeUp Has Been Acquired by The HOTH

Hey everyone! Today marks an extremely exciting day for the FreeeUp Marketplace as it has been acquired by The HOTH. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we’ve put together answers to some common questions that you may have about the sale of FreeeUp and how it may impact you going forward. In addition, we’ve put together a video that you can view here: As a company, FreeeUp is committed to upholding the […]

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Freelance Tips

9 Freelancer Tips to Help Your eCommerce Clients Thrive this Holiday Season

  Here’s 9 freelancer tips to make sure that your clients are happy working with you during the holiday season. For eCommerce clients, their busiest time of the year is from Black Friday through Christmas. It’s when most eCommerce companies do 4-5x their normal monthly sales and they are able to profit from their year of hard work. To put the holiday season into perspective, read this article that outlines key stats you should know about […]

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make a sale

5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales this Holiday Season

  Want to increase eCommerce sales in this upcoming 2019 holiday season? Um, who wouldn’t…right?! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and each day leading up to Christmas is an opportunity to increase eCommerce sales past what you made last holiday season. Test, Rinse, Repeat The holiday season is also an opportunity to test new products, try out new strategies, and figure out how you can then take your eCommerce sales to the next level in the […]

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How FreeeUp’s Founders Sold Millions Each Holiday Season with Freelancers

How FreeeUp’s Founders Sold Millions Each Holiday Season with Freelancers Introduction Did you know that the founders of FreeeUp, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, sold over $25 million online with their first eCommerce company before starting FreeeUp? My name is Connor Gillivan and I’m the current CMO of FreeeUp 🙂 I’m here today to tell you the story of how we did it and what made us so successful in hiring and managing remote talent […]

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100 virtual assistant tasks to outsource

100 Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Which virtual assistant tasks are you ready to take off your plate? That should be a question that you’re asking yourself almost every week. As your business is getting off the ground and starting to grow, you need to make sure that you are not the only one doing all of the work. Getting into a trap where you are the only one performing all of the tasks for your business is a very slippery […]

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Day 1: What I’ve Learned at Jim Cockrum’s CES V 2017 Conference

  What’s going on everyone? How is your day going? Thanks to all those who are a part of the FreeeUp community and your constant support for what Nate and I are doing on a day to day basis. This week, we’re at Jim Cockrum’s CES V 2017 conference at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando, Florida and I wanted to bring you some insights from what we’re learning along with the amazing people that we’re […]

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