freelancer vs agency

Agency vs Freelancer for a Growing Business

  When you decide it’s time to outsource projects for your business, you may wonder which is right for you: an agency or a freelancer. You may not even fully understand what the similarities and differences are between the two. This post will discuss how agencies and freelancers are similar, how they’re different, and when hiring each one or the other makes the most sense. In today’s remote business environment, geography is no longer a […]

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scale ecommerce agency

Scale an eCommerce Agency with Remote Talent

  There’s currently a lot of opportunity in the digital marketplace to scale an eCommerce agency. Consultants and agencies focused on helping eCommerce businesses grow and scale are in high demand. As an eCommerce agency owner—current or potential—you have a lot to manage. You work on landing new clients, hiring and onboarding people, delivering client results, and so much more. You’re focused on helping your eCommerce clients scale to 7 figures, but have you ever thought […]

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2019 holiday ecommerce predictions

2019 eCommerce Holiday Projections: What to Expect, How to Prepare, and Who the Winners Will Be

  What to Expect, How to Prepare, and Who the Winners Will Be The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. This year, the expectations for eCommerce holiday shopping are higher than ever before. There are a lot of factors contributing to the growth in forecasts and predictions, so we’ll dive into what to expect, how to prepare, and who will be the big winners this year. Contributing Holiday eCommerce Factors First, the continued […]

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25 Specialties Shopify Marketing Experts Can Add to your Business

  Ecommerce businesses using Shopify for websites and online sales may require the assistance of a marketing expert to help get the site set up, drive traffic, and optimize sales. Fortunately, if you require the services of a Shopify marketing expert, there are skilled freelancers with a wide variety of skills that can help you start, build, and grow your Shopify site. And now, more than ever, those experts are easy to find and hire […]

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diversify hiring with freelancers

Why You Need to Diversify Hiring and How to Keep it Feasible

  The best reason to diversify hiring is to gain access to a wider knowledge pool. In today’s world where so many changes are taking place rapidly, it is important to keep up with the times. But, how do you keep up with the times when things are changing before you even know they exist? You may not know, but someone else does, and they can shed some light on certain innovation and new technology. […]

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OAS 37 | Selling On Amazon

The Definitive Guide to Outsource SEO

  As an entrepreneur, you set aside time to brainstorm, plan, learn, iterate, and meet your goals. But there’s so much to do in your business every day that it’s impossible to do it all—and do it all well—on your own. The solution is to outsource, and one of the tasks that’s prime for outsourcing is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. A strong SEO strategy requires a lot of time and, more importantly, […]

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creative freelancer va

How Creative Freelancers Can Work Smarter with a VA

  Creative freelancers—for example, writers, designers, web developers—tend to work alone. Unless you’re turning your freelance business into an agency, you’ll likely do a lot of your work solo. Maybe you’ve outsourced a bit, though not consistently, but I’m going to show you why hiring a creative freelancer VA has huge benefits. My Background I’m a solo freelancer with no dreams of scaling into an agency. While having an agency and hiring others sounds like […]

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Facebook Ad Consultant

Facebook Ad Consultants | Rates, What They’re Best For, and Where to Find Them

  Facebook advertising has boomed in popularity as a way to gain new customers and stay engaged with existing ones. With more than 2 billion users according to Statista, Facebook’s advertising platform allows businesses to target nearly any audience in the world with seemingly endless demographic and behavioral targeting. If Facebook advertising will be a part of your marketing plan, you need to decide whether you’ll hire a Facebook ad consultant to help create, place, […]

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Starting Scaling Freelance Agency

The Ultimate Guide to Start and Scale a Freelance Agency Using FreeeUp

  Starting a freelancing agency is scary (but exciting). Scaling that agency is even scarier (and, yes, even more exciting). As you start your journey in the freelance agency world, this post will show you what’s possible and how to get there. This post is best for these two groups of people: Want-to-be freelancers getting ready to leave a day job to make a go of it on your own. Freelancers just starting out and […]

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