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Gain access to hundreds of pre-vetted freelancers ready to work for your company. Tell us who you need and we'll introduce you to the best fit on our platform. They're only a few clicks away!

Save Time and Money Hiring For Your Business

Say goodbye to the days of recruiting and interviewing. Simply request a worker from us and we introduce you to the most reliable within hours. Did we mention our platform only accepts the top 1% of freelancers?

Free up your time to focus on the growth of your business by surrounding yourself with reliable online experts, pre-vetted and guaranteed by us.

No startup fees. All workers guaranteed.

Are You Sick of Recruiting and Hiring the Wrong Person?

Let us handle all of that for you. We have a proven interview process and 20 pages of communication guidelines. We are hiring experts after all...

Here's what you'll gain!

  • More time to focus on growing your business. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Less time spent on recruitment, interviewing, and the hassles of finding the best applicant for your growing team.
  • Spend less money on employee turnover. We replace workers immediately.
  • Immediate access to reliable online experts at any time.
  • A team of online hiring experts helping you fill new positions.

From a Client

“I had an awful experience outsourcing before. I spent hours recruiting, interviewing, and hiring online workers only to find that they would disappear days or weeks later.
A friend recommended FreeUp as an alternative and I have been blown away by their service. I have hired three workers in the past few months and love their professionalism, communication, and quality of work."

Chris Nyers from

Chris Neyers

Here's How Easy It Is To Get Started

It's free to create an account. You gain direct access to our team of hiring experts for any questions. You can be signed up and requesting your first worker within minutes.

Step 1: Create an Account

Your FreeUp account is where you'll monitor worker hours, receive worker messages, pay invoices, and request new workers.

Step 2: Sign FreeUp Agreement

Our agreement protects both of us from any issues occurring in the hiring process.

Step 3: Set Up a Payment Method

Add a credit card, bank account, or PayPal retainer to your FreeUp account to pay for the workers.

Step 4: Request Your First Worker

Submit the exact worker that you need using our Request a Worker form. You can see a preview of it on this page.

Step 5: Meet Worker and Get Started

We fill most worker requests within 24 hours. We'll introduce you to the worker so you can determine if they are the best fit. Then the work begins!

Listen to Our Clients

"Even more valuable to me is that FreeeUp’s workers are specialized, often pre-trained, and ready to go. You don’t lose the normal time and resources waiting for recruiting, placement, and then spending time training someone who you may or may not like or who may or may not work out. Your total investment and risk is greatly reduced."

Scott Margolius from

scott margolias headshot

"The service FreeUp provides is far better than industry standard. Extremely personalized support with very little of your own time invested. Within a day or two of contacting FreeeUp, we were provided with an excellent, very professional content writer within our budget. I can't recommend them enough!"

Aarvin Inderjeet from

aarvin inderjeet 150x150

"I did not have a good experience with VA's until I found FreeUp. Now I don't even need to think about it - I have work that needs to be done, and it gets done. No recruiting, no applications, no interviews, no complicated billing - FreeUp does all the dirty work for you. I just get the best, most experienced VA for each job."

Will Mitchell from

will mitchell

"FreeUp has been a huge asset to us as they've helped us better understand the Amazon landscape. Working with them will save any company a ton of time and create a more productive workforce."

Tena Crock from The Step2 Company

Tena Crock

Companies already in love with FreeeUp

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This Is What We Guarantee If You Take a Chance

We guarantee that you'll be impressed by our workers. We built this company to help business owners achieve the same success that we have building online teams.
In the rare, rare case that you are not happy with a worker, we'll replace them immediately and cover any re-training costs. We aren't here to over bill you. We genuinely want to help you hire smarter and faster.

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